Who Is Privileged?

By: Jonathan Mierzejewski

Are you privileged? There has been a lot of talk about who is privileged as defined by the Communists’ Critical Race Theory (CRT). The following is an alternative viewpoint for your consideration. 

Privilege is receiving preferential treatment in college admissions, or being strongly favored for a job opening with a company and receiving promotions or appointments because of your race, even when your personal qualifications are less than other applicants and other eligible persons of a different race.

Privilege is being able to discriminate with impunity against another race, while maintaining total exemption from being labeled a racist.

Privilege is having your own National Anthem and your own flag.

Privilege is having a smartphone for which you receive no bill.

Privilege is living in public subsidized housing, where you don’t have to pay a utility bill. 

Privilege is having free health care for you and your family that’s paid for in taxes by people who work, many of whom can’t afford health insurance for their own families.

Privilege is buying steak with your food stamps, while others without food stamps buy hamburger because they can’t afford steak.

Privilege is receiving a sizable income tax refund when you have paid little or no income taxes.

Privilege is having multiple national organizations promoting and protecting your race, who are subsidized by federal tax dollars and corporate donations.

Privilege is having access to a national college fund that supports only your race.

Privilege is having television networks that only support your race.

Privilege is being subsidized by welfare payments for each additional child to which you give birth, even when you are not married.

Privilege is the ability to march and protest against anything that triggers you without worrying about missing work and the consequences that accompany such acts.

Privilege is being able to commit criminal offenses including looting, arson and assault against your neighbors, local businesses, police, public property and federal buildings, under the guise of protesting injustices.

Privilege is not having these crimes and offenses charged by local prosecutors, while members of a different race are charged and jailed for trespassing in a federal building.

Privilege is having much of your lifestyle paid for by people who have worked and whose taxes support your lifestyle and poor life choices.

On the other hand, we who are so-called privileged because of our race are predominantly the ones forced to pay taxes into the system from which other races benefit, while they claim to being oppressed by that same system. Our so-called privilege provides none of the previously mentioned benefits. Instead, we are forced to pay a boatload of taxes that have primarily benefited others.

Now, those in power in the federal government and in many state governments, private businesses, schools and colleges, and big tech companies are already actively discriminating against us because of our skin color. They are censoring the lawful exercise of our First Amendment right of free speech, because we oppose their evil Marxist, Communist agenda.

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