Hotze v. Abbott

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Hotze Adams Hartman et al. v. Abbott in the State District Court for Travis County, Filed April 17th, 2020
A Letter To Governor Abbott
Affidavit of Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai:
In The Supreme Court of Texas, Emergency Petition for Writ of Mandamus, Filed may 28th, 2020
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Dear Fellow Texas Patriots,

Our God-given, unalienable Constitutional rights and liberties have been trampled upon by Governor Abbott’s executive orders closing businesses and church services, as well as by his decision to implement surveillance and contact tracing of all Texans. 

Please join my lawsuits as a plaintiff against Abbott’s unconstitutional actions. While Abbott is slowly letting businesses and churches reopen, he continues to restrict them from operating at full capacity. He had not constitutional authority to shut them down to begin with, and he has no authority to tell them how they must operate their businesses or church services.

To date, my attorney, Jared Woodfill, has filed a lawsuit in Travis County state district court petitioning the court to rule Abbott’s actions unconstitutional. Abbott’s attorneys wrote the court in their reply to our lawsuit that original jurisdiction lies with the Texas Supreme Court on this issue.  Based upon this, we have filed a Writ of Mandamus with the Texas Supreme Court asking the court to rule Abbott’s actions unconstitutional.

We are also filing a lawsuit in Federal District Court challenging Abbott’s unconstitutional orders closing businesses and church services, as well as challenging the constitutionality of Abbott’s surveillance and contact tracing of Texas citizens.

The purpose of government is not to protect our health, but to protect our Constitutional rights and liberties. 

Please consider joining these lawsuits as fellow plaintiffs. There is no charge or financial obligation to join these lawsuits.

Obviously, there are legal fees involved with these lawsuits. You can go to our Go Fund Me page at if you would like to invest in this legal effort.

Committed to restoring our God-given, unalienable Constitutional rights, I remain, as always,

Sincerely yours,

Steven F. Hotze, M.D.

Hotze Health & Wellness Center
Conservative Republicans of Texas
Texans Back to Work
Stop Contact Tracing

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