Rep. Oliverson Proposes Election Integrity Bill Using Biometric Voter Registration System

Rep. Tom Oliverson came up with a brilliant idea to dramatically decrease vote fraud. He introduced HB 3080 which would adopt the use of a biometric voter registration system using fingerprints and other biometrics. His bill will be heard in the House Election Committee on Thursday, April 8.

Last Friday, March 26, Senator Bryan Hughes and the Republicans on the Senate State Affairs Committee did a splendid job in stating our case for the need to adopt legislation that would ensure election integrity that would help prevent voter fraud. Opposing their efforts at every turn were the Democrats who want to create an election environment which allows vote fraud to easily occur.

The adoption of Rep. Oliverson’s bill, HB 3080, a biometric voter registration system using fingerprints, or other biometrics, appears to be a very effective way to prevent phony names from being used on voter certification applications, voter fraud on ballots by mail and fraudulently voting in person multiple times. Everyone has a unique fingerprint and other biometrics.

The Texas DPS has required fingerprints for driver licenses for the past 6 years. Everyone who has purchased a gun has been fingerprinted.

It seems that a biometric voter registration system using fingerprints or other biometrics may be the Occam’s Razor that solves the problem of ensuring that every voter registration is for a living, eligible citizen, that ballots by mail are legally cast and that a citizen only casts one vote. The technology is already available.

How would the Dems argue against using fingerprints or other biometrics for identification?

The vast majority of Texans expect the Republican controlled Texas Legislature to provide legislation that would ensure Election Protection and Stop Vote Fraud.

Be sure to contact your Republican state senator and representative and ask them to support HB 3080 in order to adopt a biometric voter registration system.

Committed to election security and integrity, I remain, as always,

Sincerely yours, 

Steven Hotze, MD 


Conservative Republicans of Texas

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