Lt. Gov. Patrick Holds the Key to Attorney General Paxton’s Acquittal – 9/5/23

Dan Patrick controls the Texas Senate with an iron fist. He determines the makeup of the Senate Committees, which Senator sits on which committee, and who chairs the committees. He determines which senators’ bills get priority and which bills never get heard in committee.

Patrick sets the agenda for the Texas Senate. Patrick will determine the fate of Attorney General Ken Paxton.

There are 19 Republican and 12 Democrat State Senators. The Democrats are unified in their opposition to Paxton. Paxton only needs 11 Republican senators to vote to acquit him.

Paxton is the most effective conservative attorney general in the country. Both President Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz have voiced their support of Paxton and their opposition to this sham impeachment, instigated by Republican RINO Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan, House RINOs and Communist Democrats.

The Senate outcome of the railroad impeachment of Paxton will fall squarely at the feet of Dan Patrick. Does Patrick see Paxton as a political rival for Governor?

Latest polls demonstrate that 75% of Republican Primary voters oppose the impeachment of Atty. Gen. Paxton.

Dan Patrick’s political future and the political future of Republican State Senators will depend on whether Ken Paxton is acquitted.  Some State Representatives have already burned their bridges.  Case in point is Rep. Briscoe Cain who voted for impeachment and is now helping lead the impeachment prosecution to convict General Paxton.  He has earned his new name Benedict Briscoe!

Call Lt. Gov. Patrick’s office at (512) 463-0001 and tell him that you want Atty. Gen. Paxton Acquitted. You may email Dan Patrick at [email protected].

“Acquit Paxton” is our battle cry!