Lacey Hull Sex Scandal (Adult Content)

Lacey Hull Sex Scandal Exposed And Texts With Hate Speech Leaked

Warning! Adult Content

Five months after Living Blue TX broke a story about the alleged affair between State Reps Lacey Hull and Cole Hefner, new sources and leaked texts hit Republican media.

You may or may not remember, back in December, Living Blue in Texas published “HD138 Rep-Elect Lacey Hull’s Husband Files For Divorce: Alleged Adultery.” Rumors surrounding an affair between Hull and Hefner started before the election last year. Her husband filed for a divorce ON election day, and the divorce papers stated it was because of alleged adultery. At the time, we also reported some unconfirmed rumors that State Rep Valoree Swanson had ties in the Harris County Courthouse and may have tried to cover up the divorce.


More on the Lacey Hull Sex Scandal

This allegation sits at the center of a sordid love triangle alleged by Ashley Burke and involving her former boss State Rep. Lacey Hull (R–Houston), State Rep. Cole Hefner (R–Mount Pleasant), and their mutual campaign consultant and lobbyist Jordan Berry.


Lacey Hull needs to be defeated!