Dr. Jack Christie


Dr. Jack Christie has been a formidable conservative Republican leader for decades in the greater Houston area.

Dr. Christie is a proven citywide vote getter, having won 3 citywide elections in 2011, 2013 and 2015 for Houston City Council At-Large. He was term limited after 2019.

When Dr. Christie was President of Spring Branch ISD School Board, it was picked as the most outstanding school board in the state of Texas. He served 2 terms as Chairman of the Texas State Board of Education. He honorably served for 6 years in the Army Reserves Medical Corps. Dr. Christie was an adult leader for 8 years in Young Life, a Christian ministry for high school students.

Dr. Christie is a recognized business and community leader who has the conservative values, the courage and the experience to undo the failed liberal policies of City Hall. As a fiscal conservative, he is committed to resolve the city’s $300 million structural budget deficit, to eliminate the wasteful spending of politicians on government programs, and to have an independent audit of the city finances to uncover waste and fraud.

Dr. Christie believes that there should be “No Men in Women’s Bathrooms.He opposed the 2015 Bathroom Ordinance which would have allowed perverted men into girls’ and women’s showers, bathrooms and locker rooms. He will protect children by prohibiting Drag Queen Story Hour in Houston public libraries. He is pro-life and opposes city funding of abortions.

Dr. Christie is committed to recruiting 500 additional police officers to protect Houstonians from criminals. He will charge the police department to focus on stopping sex trafficking.

Early Voting: Oct. 23-Nov. 3

Election Day: Nov. 7