Democrats Gave Us “ObamaSnare,” Now They Have a New Slogan, “A Better Deal,” Translated: “A Bitter Pill”

By Allen West

Just recently a group of far left progressive socialists chose a very red county in Virginia to announce their new slogan. This group was led by two coastal elites who were attempting to deceive folks that they actually cared about everyday Americans. It was the Democrat Party announcement of their “Better Deal” agenda, led by Senator Chuck Schumer of New York and Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California. Not only were they insincere, but they were so doggone out of touch, not just with the American people, but with the overall theme of the liberal progressive left at this time.

Recently MSNBCs Joy Reid said on a Podcast that the Democrat Party should just forget those white people who’d voted for Obama but voted for Trump. Michael Moore said on MSNBC that the Democrat Party should move farther to the left…yep, Venezuela modus operandi. So, what gives? Who’s lying here, Moore and Reid…or Schumer and Pelosi? My money is on the latter dubious duo!

As well, when was the last time you heard any commentator on any of the liberal progressive media discuss the new policy agenda of the Democrat Party, “A Better Deal?” Ok, let me refine the question, other than to ridicule the Democrat Party’s new slogan, when was the last time any commentator on liberal progressive media outlets actually discussed the policies behind it?

Yep, you guessed it, they don’t have time, especially since their focus is on Russia, Russia, Russia. I continue to find the hypocrisy unconscionable when you had Barack Obama tell then RUSSIAN president Dmitry Medvedev he would have more “flexibility” after his reelection. Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot? Now, that’s not “collusion?” Or how about Hillary Clinton selling our precious uranium to the RUSSIANS and former president Bill Clinton giving a speech to the RUSSIANS resulting in financial benefit for the Clinton Foundation from the RUSSIANS?

Nah, I just suppose that was all about “A Better Deal” for Obama and the Clintons, so it’s very different from Donald Trump who, well, it appears maybe ate some caviar and said hello to a RUSSIAN.

The real better deal for the American people was revealed yesterday with the July jobs report — which again exceeded expectations with 209,000 new jobs created. But what sets these job reports apart from what was said during the Obama administration is simple math, statistics. In the Obama administration, we were supposed to believe the deception of a dropping unemployment rate corresponding with a dropping workforce participation rate (the U6 report). It is statistically impossible to have fewer people in the workforce and a lower unemployment rate, the lowest in sixteen years. What was happening is that the Obama administration wasn’t counting all those who had dropped out of the workforce; they didn’t matter.

Now, this last jobs report evidenced a drop in the unemployment rate, with an INCREASE in the workforce participation rate, as hundreds of thousands reentered the workforce. This is a major economic indicator that there is a sense of hope out there when it comes to real economic growth — kinda like the 2.6 percent recent GDP report. Yes, we still need to get wage growth going, and we can’t rely on the food services sector to be the biggest growth of jobs.

We also have the Dow Jones marking its eighth straight record close…there have been 52 record closes for the DJIA since the election of President Trump. That means some $4 trillion in revenues has been made for YOUR 401k. That’s “A Better Deal” if you ask me. The jobs report showed an increase in the manufacturing sector, which is a result of the removal of the governments boot of über regulation on the neck of our private sector, especially small businesses. The great thing is that this is occurring due to true free market economic factors, and not the government-driven “quantitative easing” polices of the Federal Reserve, centered on massive printing of money to flood the market.

It’s amazing to me is that this is all happening without any real major legislative action from Washington DC. What does that tell you as everyone goes home from DC for “vacation”…and I shared my thoughts on that recently.

The really bad deal is this: if the chuckleheads on Capitol Hill do not deliver, we could see a reversal of this economic growth. Much of this is based on an expectation of major tax reform, retroactive to the beginning of this year. I shared with y’all earlier this week my ten-point tax policy plan. However, nothing will get done with our elected representatives sitting on their arse, on the taxpayer dime, taking a vacation. And when they return, they only have, jointly, twelve days of legislative session before the end of Fiscal Year 2017, on September 30th. Herein lies the pitfall for the GOP-controlled House and Senate: they have no major legislative accomplishments, yet they deserted their assigned post.

This is unacceptable, and my warning to President Trump is, if you’re taking credit for the markets now, you’ll be held responsible if tax reform doesn’t occur.

No, I truly do not hold any belief that the two major legislative policy agendas of healthcare and tax reform will occur this year. And next year is an election year and we know the bare minimum happens. America cannot have true tax reform and therefore economic growth unless the twenty taxes of Obamacare are repealed. Funny, the folks who say they want “A Better Deal” for Americans believe in everything that would reverse the positive economic growth we’ve seen the past six months. For them “A Better Deal” is one percent GDP growth and expanding economic despair and dependency…a great deal those folks got in Venezuela, huh?

For the life of me, I cannot explain why the GOP lacks the courage to do what they said they would. They whined, give us the House, give us the Senate, give us the White House…now they appear to say, give us a break. I will always admire the progressive socialist left for one thing: they tell you who they are. You know what their vision for America is — single payer healthcare and a centralized economy based on wealth redistribution and nationalizing of production.

So, where are the Republicans? Who’s there to stand up against this and articulate, delineate and present a policy agenda that contrasts that difference. I wrote a piece for that asks the seminal question we need to know, “What does it mean to be a Republican?” I think as they sit at home, these Republican congressmen and senators need to ask themselves, and then get their asses back to Washington DC.

Americans want “A Better Deal,” not the empty rhetorical gimmickry of the Democrat Party. They want something of substance that enables them to be free to take care of themselves. This mission has fallen on the Republican Party, but they’ve fallen on the job. No, Americans, real Americans, don’t want to see Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House, nor do they want to see Chuck Schumer as Senate majority leader. But, beware Republicans, certain ones will be sent home, as you should be, since you were given the mission of providing the American people “A Better Deal”…and you have not, as of yet.

Ponder that as you sit at home for a 30-day vacation paid by the American taxpayers, who wish they had a better deal so they had that luxury.


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