Democrats Don’t Want To Talk About The Economy

by Daily Caller

On today’s edition of the Daily Daily Caller Podcast, we talk about what Democrats do not want to talk about — the booming economy under President Donald Trump compared to the stagnation and high unemployment we had under President Barack Obama.

Listen to the show:

Democrats are trying to make the argument that the American people simply don’t know how bad they have it, that record low unemployment and the highest increase in wages in a decade aren’t an indication of good economic times, but of bad times that only they can fix. It’s a tough case to make, which is why they’re trying to avoid the topic completely and accuse Republicans “fear mongering” instead.

Obama told crowds over the weekend that Republicans are attempting to scare people into voting for them, while telling those same crowds Republicans want to poison their air and water and make sure black people can’t vote. He was doing exactly what he was accusing Republicans of doing, and no one in the media bothered to notice. We have the audio.

Stacey Abrams, Democratic candidate for governor in Georgia, was cornered by CNN’s Jake Tapper about a proposed gun confiscation bill she supported in the state legislature. She claims she co-sponsored the bill, which its author said would require citizens to turn in their guns, simply to “start a conversation” about gun control. We have that conversation for her.

DNC Chairman Tom Perez was also cornered by Tapper on two important issues — the booming economy and the Democrats’ hypocrisy on the #MeToo movement when it comes to the party’s second in command, Keith Ellison. Perez had no good answers on either topic, fumbling and stumbling his way to the commercial break. It was as embarrassing as it was telling, and we play you all the clips.

And just for fun, we play this famous clip from Bob Hope mocking Democrats from 1940.

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