Vote For Sid Miller

The choice for Commissioner of Agriculture has never been clearer. Liberal Austin lawyer and low-level lobbyist Trey Blocker has given tens of thousands of dollars to some of the most liberal Democrats in Texas, helped bankroll leftists who fought Greg Abbott’s Sanctuary Cities ban, worked as a paid political advisor to liberal Democrats and embattled Speaker Joe Straus, and even admitted to voting for Hillary Clinton. Proven conservative Sid Miller has done more with less at the Texas Department of Agriculture, improved efficiencies, and eliminated all mandates on Texas schools returning local control to school officials and parents. Sid’s a lifelong conservative Republican who is endorsed for reelection by President Donald Trump, former Governor Rick Perry, former Governor Mike Huckabee, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Texas Right to Life, the National Rifle Association, and Conservative Republicans of Texas. Now, Sid Miller needs your endorsement at the ballot box on Tuesday in the Republican Primary.

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