The Fake Bird Flu Pandemic Is About Destroying the Food Supply

The new fake bird flu pandemic isn’t about shooting “you” up with another mRNA shot. It’s about contaminating your food supply, namely beef.

Yes, your pork and chicken are already contaminated with mRNA.

The WHO treaty failed. Too many people have buyer’s remorse and mRNA has a brand image problem. Most people are going to avoid any new mRNA products, just like they’re avoiding the boosters.

Unless they mandate injections again, which will be very difficult, sales of such products will probably end up being used as tax write-offs for these companies.

So when the talking heads endlessly discuss if the new mRNA shots are safe for humans or not, 1) there is no discussion to be had, they’re not safe, and 2) it distracts from the real issue.

The battlefront has shifted to focusing on getting mRNA into you via *indirect* means instead of direct means, and the beef you eat is the next target. mRNA is already licensed for use in pork and chicken and has been used for several years. However, it’s not in all your beef yet.

And if it gets into your beef, it gets into your milk too, and other derivatives.

It’s difficult to determine if your pork or poultry products have been contaminated with mRNA because there’s no label or tracking info for the consumer.

That $20 “organic” chicken from Whole Foods may have been shot up with Innovax:

Yes, the “organic” label currently allows the use of mRNA “vaccines” in your food. You read that right.

They’ve already psyoped many into thinking red meat is unhealthy, to avoid it for [reasons], or that cattle farms themselves are an existential danger to the environment.

If you’re worried about the environment, here’s the actual science:

From personal experience, I know that my health has drastically improved since I’ve gone to a mostly beef-based diet.

Well-sourced bison and beef will do your body wonders. Bovine organs are especially nutritious and bioavailable, providing targeted compounds that can repair and heal the function of your own similar organs.

Importantly, beef isn’t (yet) as contaminated as our other quality protein sources. And they really want to change that.

It should come as no surprise that bovines are a favored food source for humanity — it’s even mentioned in scripture and esoteric teachings. God created cows as a superfood for us to eat.

If you’re a veggie guy, you’re not safe either. Know that 1) you’ve already been psyoped into an unhealthy diet, and 2) they want to turn your veggies into mRNA snacks as well.

So what’s the solution here?

I would start with,

– If you’re someone with a voice talking about the bird flu “pandemic” and new mRNA products, lead the discussion with the fact that the target is the food supply and other indirect ways to expose you.

– Assume that most pork and chicken, especially if it’s it’s inexpensive or produced by a megacorp, is already shot up with mRNA.

– Lobby for a “mRNA free label” for products. This can be done at both a state (e.g. California’s proposition ballot system) and national level.