Texas Legislature Must Pass Election Protection to Stop Democrat Vote Fraud

Steven F. Hotze, M.D.
Conservative Republicans of Texas News

The Democrats perpetrate massive vote fraud through illegal voter certificates, illegal applications for ballot by mail, illegal ballots by mail, illegal immigrants voting, and felons and dead people voting. 

Aubrey Taylor, a conservative in the African-American community in Harris County and owner of Aubrey Taylor Communications, addressed the Texas House Elections Committee on April 1, 2021 and exposed the massive vote fraud effort being perpetrated in Harris County by County Commissioner Rodney Ellis and State Senator Borris Miles. Aubrey knows first-hand how Rodney Ellis and the Democrats have been committing election fraud.   

Democrat vote fraud is nothing new in Texas. Lyndon Johnson won the Texas Democrat primary for U.S. Senate in 1948, when 202 votes for Johnson were found in Duval County 6 days after the election.  Many of those votes were from people who had died.

Two omnibus election protection bills, Senate Bill 7 and House Bill 6, are working their way through the legislature. While they both clarify what Texas Election Code actions are illegal, and increase penalties for various election fraud activities, neither bill really ensures election protection, because its provisions have to be enforced by local district attorneys or the Attorney General’s office. 

In the major metropolitan areas of Texas and in the Texas Valley, which are controlled by Democrats, county district attorneys have refused to even examine complaints of vote fraud brought against fellow Democrats. The Texas Attorney General’s office, under Ken Paxton, has been extremely weak and ineffective in investigating the criminal organizations and perpetrators of massive voter fraud by the Democrats.

The easiest way to prevent vote fraud is by adopting Representative Oliverson’s House Bill 3080, which would set up a biometric voting system in Texas, using fingerprints or handprints. This would eliminate fraudulent voter registration, fraudulent applications for ballot by mail, fraudulently cast ballots by mail, and fraudulent illegal voting in person. 

This technology is currently available and easily adaptable to the election process. The Department of Public Safety has required fingerprint identification to acquire a driver’s license for the past six years. Anyone who purchases a gun is required to be fingerprinted. 

If the Republicans are serious about election protection and stopping vote fraud, then they should give their wholehearted support to House Bill 3080, which was passed out of the House Elections Committee on April 15.

Additionally, election protection legislation must address computer vote fraud. According to cyber security expert Russ Ramsland, neither Senate Bill 7 nor House Bill 6 addresses computer vote fraud.

Governor Abbott, Lt. Governor Patrick, and the Republican legislators all claim that election protection is a priority issue. Unless a biometric voting system and cyber security measures for computer voting equipment are adopted, then any so-called election protection bills that pass the legislature will be nothing more than window dressing. 

Contact your legislators and tell them that you want real election protection legislation passed to stop the Democrats’ vote fraud. 

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