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Reject Suspiciously-Timed Accusations without Evidence
Generated by the Alt-Left and Republican Establishment

Contact:  Janet Porter
202-241-2ACT (2228)
November 15, 2017 – 
For Immediate Release
Birmingham, AL – Pro-family leaders will stand with Judge Roy Moore Thursday, November 16, at 1:00 p.m. at a press conference held in the Birmingham room of the Birmingham Marriott, on 3590 Grandview Parkway.  At the Press Conference, hosted by Faith2Action President Janet Porter and Dr. Steven Hotze,

CEO of Restore Our Godly Heritage PAC, media will be presented with a letter signed by pro-family leaders and pastors from across the nation which states:

“We stand with Judge Roy Moore, a man of integrity who has never wavered from his valiant defense of the unborn, the Ten Commandments, and the Constitution.
We are confident the voters of Alabama will not be fooled by suspiciously timed accusations without evidence, and will reject the politics of personal destruction led by the Washington Post.  If the media lynch mob and establishment politicians are allowed to ambush Judge Roy Moore, then they will destroy anyone who gets in their way.  We stand with Roy Moore.”
“Pro-aborts often ambush pro-lifers on the eve of an election,” said Andy Schlafly, Attorney for Phyllis Schlafly Eagles.  “They did the same thing to Clarence Thomas and now they’re doing it to Judge Roy Moore.  Alabamians are pro-life and will not be fooled by this latest attempt of abortion supporters to steal an election.”
Steven Hotze, M.D., stated, “Judge Roy Moore has demonstrated the courage of his Christian and conservative convictions by defending the right-to-life of unborn babies, the Ten Commandments and Biblical marriage.  In the face of overwhelming opposition, Judge Moore refused to compromise.  We need a man of Judge Moore’s commitment in the U.S. Senate.”
“I trust Judge Roy Moore–not the Washington Post and Republican Establishment who are orchestrating his character assignation,” said Janet Porter. “Judge Moore has been a personal friend and a friend of life for decades, while his opponent supports even Partial Birth Abortion, where a late-term baby is partially delivered before having his or her brains sucked out,” added Porter, who lobbied to pass the nation’s first ban on Partial Birth Abortion. “Doug Jones publically admitted he supports abortion until birth in a September 27th MSNBC interview.”
Among those who will be speaking include Janet Porter, Dr. Steven Hotze, Dr. Alan Keyes of Renew America, Andy Schlafly of Phyllis Schlafly Eagles, Pastor Stephen Broden, President of Protect Life & Marriage, Rabbi Noson Shmuel Leiter, and Flip Benham of Operation Rescue. Judge Roy Moore will also attend.  (Titles are for identification purposes only).
Janet Porter standing with Judge Roy Moore
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