September 8, 2023 Newsletter: RINOS Will Hang On Their Own Petards

September 8, 2023 Edition

Report on Day 3 of Paxton Impeachment Trial, September 7, 2023

Prosecution Witnesses Decimated in Paxton Trial

RINOs and Benedict Arnold Republicans Will Hang Like Haman on the Petard Built for Paxton

• Steven F. Hotze, M.D.

Over the past two days in the Paxton Impeachment Trial in the Texas Senate, the three star witnesses for the prosecution have been decimated in cross examination by the defense attorneys, Tony Buzbee, Anthony Osso, Jr. and Mitchell Little. These witnesses were Jeff Mateer, Former First Assistant to the Attorney General, Ryan Bangert, Former Deputy First Assistant, and Ryan Vassar, Former Deputy Attorney General for Legal Counsel.

This was the match up for the cross examinations. Tony Buzbee cross examined Mateer, Anthony Osso cross examined Bangert, and Mitchell Little cross examined Vassar.

These three prosecution witnesses had led a group of 8 lawyers, the whistleblowers at the Attorney General’s office, who turned against Ken Paxton and on September 30, 2020 went to the FBI to report that they thought that Attorney General Ken Paxton was involved in illegal activity. Ryan Vassar testified under oath that the eight (8) attorneys went to the FBI and accused Attorney General Paxton of a supposed criminal activity. When asked by defense attorney Mitchell Little if they had any evidence, Vassar answered, “No, we had no evidence.”

Co-Conspirator Jeff Mateer Gets Pummeled by Defense Atty. Buzbee in Cross Examination

No Coincidences in Austin Politics

Testimony reveals George P. Bush reactivated his Law License on October 1, 2020 after being inactive for 10 years. This was the day after the 8 whistleblowers in the Attorney General’s office had met with the FBI accusing Paxton of Criminal Activity without any evidence. This seems very coincidental, doesn’t it?

Who do you think the puppeteers behind the curtain are.

George P. Bush subsequently ran against Paxton in the 2022 Republican Primary. Paxton defeated Bush 68%-32%.

Co-conspirator Ryan Vassar Admits That the Whistleblowers Had NO-EVIDENCE Against Paxton When They Went to the FBI on September 30, 2020.

Whistleblower Co-conspirators
After Cross Examination

“Acquit Paxton” is our Battle Cry!

Call Lt. Gov. Patrick’s office at (512) 463-0001 and tell him that you want Atty. Gen. Paxton Acquitted. You may email Dan Patrick at

Then go to
Scroll to the bottom to find the phone number of your Republican State Senator. Tell your State Senator to “Acquit Attorney General Ken Paxton.”

Sign the Stand with Paxton Petition.

Matt Rinaldi, Chmn of Republican Party of Texas, Explains that the Texas Democrats Have Been Calling for Paxton’s Impeachment since January 2021, because Paxton Sued over the 2020 Election Results. The RINOs Joined in on May 26, 2023.

The Illegal Impeachment of Ken Paxton

Don Hooper, Katy Christian Magazine

All impeachment charges against Ken Paxton should be dismissed because of something called the “Prior Election Doctrine” also known as the “Fairness Doctrine” or the “Prior Term Doctrine.” I prefer calling it the Prior Election Doctrine because I believe that this term is more reflective of the intent. Fairness implies that someone using it may have done something wrong. There has been a lot written concerning the Prior Election Doctrine and I wanted to share a previous experience with this little-known law prior to the Ken Paxton impeachment.


Steve Bannon talks with former Texas State Rep. Jonathan Stickland about the Critical Importance of Supporting Attorney General Paxton

Watch the Video Clips about Texas Senator John Cornyn

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