September 20, 2023 Newsletter: RINO Season Is Now Open

September 20, 2023 Edition

Dr. Steven Hotze Analyzes the Paxton lmpeachment Proceedings

Dr. Hotze News Release

Texas AG Paxton Acquitted in Impeachment Trial

Lt. Governor Patrick Condemns Texas House Impeachment Process

Austin, Texas – On Saturday, September 16, 2023, conservative Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was acquitted by the Texas Senate on all 16 impeachment charges brought by the Texas House, and he was reinstated as Attorney General. Paxton’s lead defense attorneys, Tony Buzbee, Dan Cogdell, Anthony Osso, Jr. and Mitch Little did an exemplary job in cross examination, exposing the prosecution witnesses’ lack of evidence to substantiate the allegations against Attorney General Paxton.
After the acquittal, Lt. Governor Patrick addressed the Senate and all those in attendance, condemning the Texas House for rushing through the impeachment process without having any sworn testimony, evidence, or public transparency.

Lt. Gov. Patrick Reprimands Texas House Leaders on Sham Impeachment Process

Rep. John Smithee Shares His Concerns about the Texas House’s Railroading of Attorney General Paxton’s Impeachment

RINO Speaker Dade Phelan Drafted a Defiant Letter Immediately after Lt. Gov. Patrick had Excoriated the House Leadership for Its Sham Impeachment.

The RINO House Leadership was Outraged That Paxton Was Acquitted. Co-Conspirator Rep. Andrew Murr, Chmn. of House General Investigating Committee and Chmn. of the House Impeachment Managers, Was Apoplectic after His Efforts to Convict Paxton Were Foiled

Call and Thank These Republican State Senators Who Voted to Acquit Attorney General Paxton

Bob Hall – (512) 463-0102

Brandon Creighton – (512) 463-0104

Lois Kolkhorst – (512) 463-0118

Paul Bettencourt – (512) 463-0107

Tan Parker – (512) 463-0112

Donna Campbell – (512) 463-0125

Drew Springer – (512) 463-0130

Pete Flores – (512) 463-0124

Phil King – (512) 463-0110

Kevin Sparks – (512) 463-0131

Charles Schwertner – (512) 463-0105

Charles Perry – (512) 463-0128

Bryan Hughes – (512) 463-0101

Mayes Middleton – (512) 463-0111

Brian Birdwell – (512) 463-0122

Joan Huffman – (512) 463-0117

The Republicans State Senators Who Voted with the 12 Democrats Senators to Convict Paxton in an Attempt to Overturn His Election

Kelly Hancock – (512) 463-0109

Robert Nichols – (512) 463-0103

RINO Phelan and His Co-Conspirators Declare War on Texas Conservatives

Joe Menslage, Katy Christian Magazine

AUSTIN, TX— Minutes before his acquittal of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on all phony impeachment charges, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick calls for a full audit of the corrupt Texas House of Representatives and criticizes the House for its “flawed” and “indefensible” impeachment process.

“Our founders expected better,” Lt. Gov. Patrick (R), who was the presiding officer and judge over Att. Gen. Paxton’s impeachment trial, said in his closing remarks last weekend. The following is an excerpt from his speech.

Paxton Impeachment Trial: Proven Facts & Evidence Didn’t Matter to Democrats

Devvy Kidd, News with Views

By now, the whole country knows our Attorney General, Ken Paxton, was acquitted on every article in the sham impeachment. Trial was in the senate as a result of the Texas House of Representatives voting to impeach Paxton this past May.

I watched all 4 ½ hours last May of the impeachment hearings in the House. It was shocking. Cooked up accusations based on NOTHING. The House ‘Managers’ who hate Paxton called no witnesses, no one was put under oath. It was all done in secrecy and then sprung on the House members with little more than 48 hours-notice.

“I, _____, do solemnly declare that, with God’s help, I will be a Proverbs 28:1 Christian Patriot, “The righteous are as bold as a lion.” I renounce Satan and all his works. I pledge my faith and allegiance to Jesus Christ our King. I will courageously protect our God-given, unalienable freedoms and rights. I will defend the Constitution of the United States, which was written to guarantee these freedoms and rights, against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. To this end, with a firm reliance upon the protection of God’s Divine Providence, I do pledge to my fellow Patriots, my Life, my Fortune, and my sacred Honor.”

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