Publisher Seeks Your Story and Testimony for Christian Book Series

Let me share a brief story about one of our contributors. He submitted a powerful narrative about his deepest fear and how it shaped his life. Initially, he was apprehensive about how readers might perceive him, fearing judgment and misunderstanding. However, his story was ultimately about the transformative power of Jesus Christ in overcoming this fear. By choosing to share his experience, he not only found personal liberation but also offered hope and encouragement to others facing similar struggles. His courage to be vulnerable and authentic serves as a profound reminder that our stories, especially those reflecting our faith and personal growth, can deeply resonate with others.

This could be you.

I’m reaching out to share an exciting opportunity that aligns with your passion for what Christ has done in your life and your deep connection with Him by faith.

We are currently inviting authors to contribute to an exceptional project: The Why Jesus Book Series. This series is a beacon of hope, inspiration, and encouragement, aiming to illuminate the lives of its readers with the radiant light of faith in Jesus Christ. Each narrative within this collection is a testament to the profound and personal connection we share with God, offering nourishment for the soul and a companion for moments of reflection.

Here’s why this opportunity is unique and should not be missed:

1. Be Part of a Unique Series: Your story, essay, or testimony could be featured in a distinctive series that may never have been published before, offering a platform to share your voice and faith in a meaningful way.

2. Experience Being Published: This is a fantastic chance to be published without the need to write an entire book. It’s an excellent stepping stone for authors at any stage of their journey.

3. International Recognition and Royalties: If your submission is selected, not only will your work be promoted internationally, but you will also earn royalties from the sales, acknowledging your valuable contribution.

4. Choose Your Theme: With 14 different titles to select from, you have the freedom to choose the theme that resonates most with you, allowing your story to shine in its best light.

5. Webinars from Rome: Enhance your experience by joining our webinars live from Rome, a city with a rich biblical history. These sessions are designed to deepen your understanding and inspire your writing, connecting you with the essence of why we share our stories of faith.

Special Bonus: During the webinar, we will also discuss the modern challenges of distribution and how they may be limiting your reach. This insight is crucial for any author looking to make a significant impact with their work.

To ensure the quality and intimacy of each book, spaces are limited, and each book will close once the selected entries are finalized. We encourage you to seize this opportunity to share your journey of faith, inspire others, and leave a lasting imprint on the hearts of many.

Please join us for a FREE LIVE WEBINAR this Thursday evening at 7PM CST to learn more about this unique opportunity and how you can submit your story for consideration. Your voice is important, and we believe it can shine brilliantly within the Why Jesus Book Series.

Thank you for considering this invitation. We look forward to the possibility of your story becoming a part of this inspiring series.

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