by Miriam Grossman MD

I speak primarily about critical but generally unknown biological facts related to reproductive health, relationships, and gender. I demonstrate how dangerous it can be when discussion of these subjects is animated by last century’s social movements, instead of today’s science. My lecture, keynote or workshop can be customized to meet your organization’s needs.

1. Modern Sex Education: How We Got Here
Audience: General
The sex ed industry teaches children they are “sexual beings”, and that nearly any form of sexual expression is a “human right”, even if it spreads disease. They endorse behaviors that most parents don’t even want their kids to know about, let alone practice. To understand this madness, I outline the history of the sex ed movement, focusing on the disturbed individuals who were its founding fathers.

2. You’re Teaching My Child WHAT?
Audience: General
Despite claims made by the sex ed industry, its priority is to promote sexual freedom, not sexual health. The harm to society, and to women in particular, is staggering. In this presentation I support this claim, and argue for an approach that is based on hard science and common sense.

3. Unprotected
Audience: High school juniors and seniors, college students
Most young people think they know all about sex, but they don’t. This talk empowers them with the medical knowledge to make truly informed decisions. Some of the facts are hard to hear, but they’ll be glad they did. (This is a serious subject, but the lecture includes humor and popular music.)

4. Girls, listen up: Your Bodies Work in Wondrous Ways!
Audience: Girls, sixth grade and up
Girls must be aware of their unique biology. Thankfully, there’s lots of new science to empower them. In this talk I provide biological facts many women wish they’d learned when they were growing up. (This talk assumes basic knowledge about reproduction.)

5. The Truth About Gender
Audience: General
Is being male or female unrelated to chromosomes and anatomy? Can a woman become a man, and then give birth to a child? With all the misinformation foisted on us, young people are more confused than ever. This presentation addresses the history of these ideas, how they are discredited by today’s science, and why radical agendas keep them going. This talk is very relevant to the debate about redefining marriage.

6. Tough Questions for Health Providers
Audience: Health providers, especially those in pediatrics, adolescent medicine, mental health, and ob/gyn.
A cult of political correctness has hijacked segments of our profession, and our patients are paying a high price. If we are serious about the oath we took to prevent disease, we must stand up and tell truths that some people don’t want to hear. In this presentation, I describe the history and scope of the problem, and encourage the audience to take action.

7. Does Reproductive Freedom Include the Right to Reproduce?
Audience: College students and General.
One third of successful American women are childless at mid- life. It’s not by choice, it’s because they thought they could postpone childbearing indefinitely. In this talk I explain why young women are experts on diet, exercise, contraception and abortion, but suffer from widespread ignorance about the limits of their fertility.


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