Petition to the Houston City Council – Stop Drag Queen Storytime at The Houston Public Libraries

Petition to the Houston City Council

Stop Drag Queen Storytime at The Houston Public Libraries

Sign the online petition today to the Houston City Council to stop the Drag Queen Storytime at the Houston Public Libraries,

The Houston Public Library system, as reported by KHOU Channel 11 News, has initiated a very disturbing program, the Drag Queen Storytime, in local libraries.  I believe that we need to teach our children strong, Biblical moral values.  Wouldn’t you agree?

Why should the Houston Public Library be promoting drag queen behavior to young children under 10 years of age?

This program has been developed by the LGBTQ political movement with the intention of indoctrinating children into their perverted lifestyle. The drag queen said that he wanted to “break the stigma of drag and queer culture with kids.”

The purpose is, of course, to normalize this perverted behavior, so that these children can be more easily recruited into the LGBTQ lifestyle.

Exposing children to this bizarre sexual behavior is a form of pedophilia.

Please sign the online petition today,

Then, call your Houston City Council members and tell them to eliminate the Drag Queen Storytime program at the Houston Public Libraries.

District A – Brenda Stardig – 832.393.3010
District B – Jerry Davis – 832.393.3009
District C – Ellen Cohen – 832.393.3004
District D – Dwight Boykin – 832.393.3001
District E – Dave Martin – 832.393.3008
District F – Steve Le – 832.393.3002
District G – Greg Travis – 832.393.3007
District H – Karla Cisneros – 832.393.3003
District I – Robert Gallegos – 832.393.3011
District J – Mike Laster – 832.393.3015
District K – Martha Castex-Tatum – 832.393.3016
At Large 1 – Mike Knox – 832.393.3014
At Large 2 – David Robinson – 832.393.3013
At Large 3 – Michael Kubosh – 832.393.3005
At Large 4 – Amanda Edwards – 832.393.3012
At Large 5 – Jack Christie – 832.393.3017

Thank you for having the courage of your convictions to stand for Biblical moral values.

Committed to our success in this effort, I remain, as always,

Sincerely yours,
Steven F. Hotze, M.D.

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