The Oust Straus Petition


Whereas, Speaker Joe Straus blocked numerous conservative bills, during the recent legislative session, that were supported by Gov. Abbott, Lt. Gov. Patrick, and the Texas Senate, as well as by the majority of Texans, and

Whereas, Gov. Abbott has called for a Special Session of the Texas Legislature, starting July 18, to pass the conservative bills that Straus blocked, and

Whereas, Straus has insulted a majority of Texas voters, Gov. Abbott, Lt. Gov. Patrick, and conservative Texas legislators, by saying, “Abbott’s Special Session is a Pile of Manure…We have no obligation to pass anything,” and

Whereas, one elected leader, like Straus, should not be able to block the will of the people and their elected representatives,

Therefore, I sign the “Oust Straus” petition, calling upon the Republican members of the Texas House, who outnumber Democrats 95 to 55, to “Oust Straus” from his position as speaker and replace him with a stalwart conservative Republican as speaker to ensure that the following conservative legislation is passed during the Special Session.

1) Property tax reduction,

2) SB 6, the Women’s Privacy Act, known as “No Men in Women’s Bathrooms!”,

3) School vouchers for special need children,

4) Prohibiting local and state government from funding the killing of unborn babies,

5) Prohibiting insurance companies from using policy holders’ premiums to fund the killing of the unborn,

6) Restricting local and state governments from withholding union dues from employees,

7) Preventing voter fraud,

8) Restricting private property confiscation by local governments through “Eminent Domain,”

9) And twelve more conservative bills,

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The Oust Straus Petition

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