May 4th Newsletter: This Bill Can Stop Democrat Vote Fraud

May 5th 2021 Edition

H.B. 3080, A Biometric Voting System to Stop Democrat Vote Fraud.

- Dr. Steven F. Hotze, M.D.

Democrats want to keep an election system that allows them to easily commit vote fraud. 

Rep. Tom Oliverson came up with a brilliant idea to dramatically decrease vote fraud. He has introduced HB 3080 which would adopt the use of a biometric voting system using fingerprints. This would enable every vote to be authenticated. 

On April 21, HB 3080 was passed favorably out of the House Elections Committee and sent to the Calendars Committee which needs to set it for a vote before the full Texas House. When it passes, then it will be sent to the Texas Senate. 

The adoption of a biometric voter registration system using fingerprints or handprints appears to be a very effective way to authenticate every vote and prevent phony names from being used on voter certification applications, voter fraud on ballots by mail and voting in person multiple times. Everyone has a unique fingerprint or handprint.


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