List of Current Democrat Scandals

List of Current Democrat Scandals

- Richard Viguerie

1. DEMOCRATS ESCAPE HUMILIATION AND PUNISHMENT FOR UNLAWFUL POSSESSION OF CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS – Between November 2022 and January 2023, dozens of classified documents held by Biden were found in three different locations.  Biden’s personal attorney was able to provide these documents without a raid by the FBI – as experienced by former President Donald Trump at his Florida residence on August 8, 2022.  A Special Counsel was appointed in both cases but as expected, the one for Trump acted rapidly resulting in federal indictments of the former president with no action in the Biden case.

2. SECRET SERVICE FAILS TO ‘SNIFF-OUT’ WHITE HOUSE COCAINE STASH CULPRIT – On July 2, 2023, the Secret Service found a bag of cocaine in the White House.  This find was reported in three different locations in the White House during the first few days of this controversy.  After only eleven days, the Secret Service closed its investigation, leading many to believe that it was known who brought it into the White House, but that information was being covered up.

3. SHAMEFUL & COWARDLY WITHDRAWAL OF U.S. TROOPS FROM AFGHANISTAN – In August of 2021, the Taliban captured Afghanistan’s capital city of Kabul after U.S. troops hastily evacuated.  There was chaos and confusion during the pull-out as if few plans were made for this action.  Thirteen American troops were killed in a suicide bombing.  Tens of millions of dollars of American military equipment was left in Afghanistan and is now used by the Taliban.  Both Americans and friendly Afghans were left behind in Afghanistan after its fall.  Private efforts were needed to get many out.

4. FBI INTERFERES IN 2020 ELECTION – COVERS UP HUNTER BIDEN LAPTOP – The owner of a Delaware computer shop turned over to the FBI an abandoned laptop computer in 2019 which Hunter Biden had left for repairs.  Apparently, no investigation was done to verify its authenticity or use the information in it.  FBI agents worked to keep the laptop computer a secret through the 2020 election.  When the New York Post reported on the laptop and some of its contents in October of 2020, the FBI got more than fifty former intelligence officials to sign a letter stating that it was nothing more than Russian disinformation.  The mainstream media used this as an excuse not to cover the story and the FBI communicated with many outlets that the information was unverified.

5. DEMOCRATS ‘GREEN-LIGHT’ INVASION AT AMERICA’S SOUTHERN BORDER – Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is charged with securing our border.  Policies by Joe Biden and refusal to enforce the law have caused record illegal immigration at our southern border.  Mayorkas has testified before Congress several times claiming that the border is secure when DHS numbers prove otherwise.  Consideration is being given to impeachment of Mayorkas for his lying to Congress as well as his refusal to enforce our immigration laws.

6. AMERICA FOR SALE – BIDEN CRIME FAMILY MAKES OFFER THEY CAN’T REFUSE – The House Oversight and Reform Committee, chaired by Congressman James Comer, has held hearings.  Witnesses and information have uncovered charges that Hunter Biden received millions of dollars in 2015 when his father was Vice President to influence actions in Ukraine including the firing of a prosecutor who was investigating Burisma, the energy company for which Hunter was a paid board member.  In order to protect the Biden family, the FBI and DOJ slow-walked this investigation, put up roadblocks to collect evidence, and covered up evidence.  The Biden team was even tipped off before speaking to Hunter.  DOJ also delayed search warrants and interviews.  This is a developing story and more implicating information is expected from federal government whistleblowers before Congress.

7. FBI COLLUDES WITH SOCIAL MEDIA GIANTS TO SUPPRESS FREE SPEECH – The White House and FBI created a network of contacts with social media companies so that they could help control the national conversation and information by users.  Through regular contact and occasional meetings, federal government officials worked with social media executives to squelch and censor information posted on their platforms that was contrary to the Biden administration views on a variety of issues, including COVID and the Hunter Biden laptop.  This is a violation of free speech by federal officials and social media conspiring to control what information and commentary were shared by social media users.

8. ELITE DEMOCRAT PAYOFF- DOJ SWEETHEART DEAL FOR HUNTER BIDEN – The FBI and IRS investigated Hunter Biden for tax evasion and federal firearm law violations.  The DOJ offered Hunter a sweetheart deal on these violations allowing him to plead guilty on charges but avoid any jail time which others get for similar violations of law.  If his last name were not Biden, he would soon be serving time in a federal prison.  Another double standard for the Biden family.  Whistleblowers contend that the U.S. Attorney for Delaware was hampered in his efforts to prosecute Hunter Biden despite the claims to the contrary by Attorney General Merrick Garland before Congress.  This case would probably have been dropped if Democrats controlled the U.S. House of Representatives.

9. BIDEN’S DOJ TARGETS PARENTS AS “DOMESTIC TERRORISTS” – Many parents concerned with the education and safety of their school children attended and spoke at local school board meetings in 2021.  Many of the issues included CRT, sex education and gender identity with many passionate parents expressing their views on these important issues.  The National School Board Association coordinated with the White House and Department of Justice culminating in a letter on September 29, 2021 from the NSBA to Biden asking his administration to treat concerned parents as “domestic terrorists” and use the Patriot Act to do so.  The White House helped write the infamous letter which probably helped Glenn Youngkin win the gubernatorial race in Virginia that year since parental rights were a key issue in his campaign.

10. DEMOCRATS ALLOW CHINESE SPY BALLOON TO CROSS AMERICA UNOPPOSED – From January 28 to February 4, 2023, a Chinese high-altitude surveillance balloon flew over Alaska, Canada, and the continental United States until, after enormous public pressure, the Biden administration finally allowed the U.S. Air Force to shoot it down over the Atlantic Ocean – after the balloon had traversed most of the country over some very sensitive targets.  While there is some question as to whether the balloon sent information to China as it was received, it is clear that it violated American airspace and should been shot down soon after the balloon was identified.

11. DEMOCRATS LAUNCH ASSULT ON RELIGIOUS LIBERTY – BIDEN’S HEAD OF DOJ, MERRICK GARLAND, ORDERED THE FBI TO SPY ON CATHOLICS ATTENDING LATIN MASS – The scope of the Democrats’ anti-Catholic bigotry resurfaced again earlier this year when a leaked FBI memo revealed that the FBI was ordered to create a task force to spy on Catholics attending Latin Mass.  The eight-page FBI dossier from its Richmond, VA office stated that undercover spies were used to target Catholic institutions in Virginia in the hope of labeling Catholics as “extremists” and “domestic terrorists.”  Without cause or proof, Biden’s FBI was allowed to initiate this assault on religious liberty based on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) list of “hate groups.”   Using the SPLC in this manner violated FBI rules because the FBI back in 2014 briefed its field offices that the SPLC’s list of “hate groups” was not legitimate and should not be used as a source to initiate investigations. 

*If any of these things had happened during a Trump administration, people would have been going to jail or at least lost their jobs.  If the Republicans did not control the majority in the U.S. House of Representatives after the 2022 midterm election, most of the details of these scandals would still be unknown.  Obviously, the media has covered up for the Biden administration scandals and prevented the American people from knowing the details of them.

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