June 20, 2021 Newsletter: Pedophilia Promoted in Schools

June 20, 2021 Edition


- Dr. Steven F. Hotze, M.D.

The progressive left, that embraces atheistic Communism, is at war with Biblical Christianity.

Many so-called conservative politicians and so called Christian ministers are unwilling to challenge the secular progressives, but rather want to compromise with them. The Communists are hell bent on destroying America’s Christian heritage. They understand that the way to destroy a civilization is by indoctrinating the children in the schools with a godless, worldly, hedonistic philosophy that undermines the traditional moral values of the Bible.

It’s through the government schools’ sexualization programs that children, starting in kindergarten, are taught to accept, affirm and celebrate perverted sexual lifestyles, such as lesbianism, homosexuality, and transgenderism. To instruct children about these perverted sexual lifestyles is a form of pedophilia. It grooms children to embrace immorality at a young age, so that they can be groomed for and easily recruited into these sinful lifestyles.

Anyone who allows children to be sexualized or teaches children about these perverted lifestyles is practicing pedophilia.

The Communists know that the easiest way to destroy courage is to destroy a civilizations’ Biblical moral foundation.

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