June 14th, 2021 Newsletter: Mandatory Experimental “Vaccines” Violate Federal Law

June 14, 2021 Edition


- Dr. Steven F. Hotze, M.D.

International and federal law makes it clear that it is illegal for businesses, organizations and government entities to coerce or require individuals to take the experimental COVID-19 gene modification mRNA injection (experimental “vaccine”) as a condition of employment. It is also immoral.

This experimental “vaccine” is not approved by the FDA. It has only been authorized under the Emergency Use Authorization Act (EUA).Emergency use authorization is not FDA approval. FDA approval of a medical product, drug or vaccine requires clinical trials in animals, followed by human clinical trials, to ensure safety. This routinely takes five years or longer. This experimental COVID-19 gene modifying injection has not undergone the clinical trials necessary for FDA approval. Therefore, its use in humans is strictly experimental.

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