July 5, 2023 Newsletter: Major Win in Freedom of Speech Case!

July 5, 2023 Edition

Major Win in Freedom of Speech Case!

Biden Admin Blocked from Working with Big Tech to Censor Speech

Haisten Willis, Washington Examiner, 7/4/23

A federal judge has blocked contact between Biden administration officials and social media companies, ruling that the two were working together to censor speech.
The judge, Trump appointee Terry A. Doughty, made the preliminary injunction in response to a lawsuit from

Republican attorneys general in Missouri and Louisiana that alleged government officials and social media companies collaborated to suppress speech based on content.

Rick from Boston Wants to be Known as Admiral Rachel Levine. Accept His Lie or Pay the Consequences, You Bigot!

-Tucker Carlson


Top 8 most COMMON and SERIOUS adverse reactions to Covid vaccines

Vaccines have long been considered the holy grail of medicine in the United States, because they were sold that way. In a capitalistic country built on advertising and marketing of goods, services and medications, the majority of Americans believe everything they hear on television, read online, and see in magazines and newspapers. They think it’s all real, all legitimate and approved for use or consumption by someone official somewhere. Yet, most products and medicines pushed by the media and the government are adulterated and toxic for the human body, especially vaccines.

What’s worse is that adulterated vaccines cause horrific side effects and adverse events that are often permanent, including death. Now, those detrimental health damages are being covered up, not just after they happen, but during clinical trials.

Artificial Intelligence & the World Economic Forum: You Should Be Very Worried

Devvy Kidd

AI or Artificial Intelligence has hit the big screen over the past year. Of course, most of us – unless you’re in the tech industry – really had no idea of exactly what that meant. As much as I know about what’s going on for the past three decades, I knew little about AI other than reading an article here and there, but I soon realized the reader was being brainwashed into believing it’s all for the ‘common good’. Becoming a cyborg where my brain is integrated with a computer sounded like science fiction until I did more serious reading.

Do a search and you’ll get the first ten offerings from only the prostitute media sites (CNN, MSNBC, Reuter’s, etc.) promoting it as the newest great wonder of the world. One has to keep going to find web sites that are trying to warn Americans. They also declare anyone opposing AI as conspiracy nuts.

The Occult is the Spiritual Foundation for the United Nations

The Stage Is Set For The Coming One World Government Under One World Leader.

"No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. (David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, United Nations)

“The United Nations is the greatest fraud in history. It’s purpose is to destroy the United States.” (John E. Rankin, a U.S. Congressman)

“The age of nations must end. The governments of nations have decided to order their separate sovereignties into one government to which they will surrender their arms.” (U.N. World Constitution)

The first president of the United Nations General Assembly, Paul-Henri Spaak, who was also a prime minister of Belgium and one of the early planners of the European Common Market, as well as secretary-general of NATO, affirmed, “We do not want another committee, we have too many already. What we want is a man of sufficient stature to hold the allegiance of all the people and to lift us up out of the economic morass into which we are sinking. Send us such a man, and whether he be God or devil, we will receive him.”

So Sodomites like Jokes? Here Is One for Them

Biological male “transwoman” complains he can’t find a gynecologist to “treat” him.

These People are Bat Sheet Crazy!

Ethan Huff, Natural News

A so-called “transwoman,” meaning a biological male who falsely believes that he is now a “woman” after undergoing “gender-affirming” bodily mutilation, is whining all over social media about the fact that he cannot find a gynecologist to examine and “treat” his fake lady parts.

The deep-voiced male, seen dressed in stereotypical women’s clothing with long hair, complained while sitting in front of all sorts of brightly colored Pride paraphernalia that gynecologists are “discriminating” against him by refusing to look at his artificial vagina.

The Regret of Non Compliant People

J.P. Sears

How Matt Regained His Energy With Bioidentical Testosterone And Thyroid

“I, _____, do solemnly declare that, with God’s help, I will be a Proverbs 28:1 Christian Patriot, “The righteous are as bold as a lion.” I renounce Satan and all his works. I pledge my faith and allegiance to Jesus Christ our King. I will courageously protect our God-given, unalienable freedoms and rights. I will defend the Constitution of the United States, which was written to guarantee these freedoms and rights, against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. To this end, with a firm reliance upon the protection of God’s Divine Providence, I do pledge to my fellow Patriots, my Life, my Fortune, and my sacred Honor.”

If you are interested in developing a personal relationship with God, then read the Four Spiritual Laws and learn how you can.

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