Joe Straus and His Liberal Republican Allies Abandon Our Wives, Daughters and Mothers

By Jared Woodfill,
President, Conservative Republicans of Texas

This week liberal Republican House Speaker, Joe Straus, continued to wreak havoc on the conservative agenda spearheaded by Governor Abbott, Lieutenant Governor Patrick, and the Republican majority in the state Senate.  Over the objection of some members of the Texas House, Straus, proudly killed legislation that would keep biological males, including registered sex offenders, from entering women’s bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms.  In fact, he and his chief lieutenant, Byron Cook, are so afraid of the legislation that he will not allow our elected representatives in the state House to cast a vote.  It is shocking that these so-called Republicans would kill legislation that would protect our wives, mothers, daughters and granddaughters. Thanks to Speaker Straus and Representative Cook, our children will now start the school year without basic and uniform privacy protections.  We can no longer tolerate or elect Republicans who continually vote to re-elect Joe Straus as Speaker of the Texas House.  Enough is enough!  Over the next few months we will be drafting and assisting challengers to Straus, his lieutenants, and any Republican state representative who continues to support Joe Straus.  Remember, Joe Straus was elected Speaker on the backs of Democrats.  Over the years, he has killed pro-life and pro-family legislation.  How can we continue to elect a Speaker who is praised by Planned Parenthood and its allies?

I want to thank Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and the Texas Senate for leading the effort to pass SB 6 (regular session) and SB 3 (special session) to protect the privacy and safety of our wives, daughters, mothers, and grandmothers.  This fight is not over-we cannot give in to Joe Straus and his liberal agenda for Texas.

Gov. Abbott recently expressed his concern over the House’s inaction and is considering another special session to address women’s privacy as defined in SB 3. Conservative House members held a House Republican Caucus meeting to establish procedures for selecting the Speaker of the Texas House.  If passed, the procedures would have prevented representatives like Joe Straus from being elected Speaker by Democrats.  This is especially frustrating when one considers that the majority mantle in the Texas House has been given to Republicans (95 out of 150).

It is time for us to strongly request that Governor Abbott call a second special session to force a vote on the Texas Women’s Privacy Act, SB 3.  Anything less would be a total surrender to the liberal left and its leader, Joe Straus.  Its time to fight the good fight…our families are worth fighting for!

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