Jimmy Kimmel Tries To Use Polling To Date To Encourage Liberals

by Nick Givas
Daily Caller

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel claimed polling shows Americans are united on liberal policies like taxing the wealthy and Medicare for all, on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Monday.

“We’ve been hearing a lot about how hopelessly divided America is, but are we really?” Kimmel asked. (RELATED: Jimmy Kimmel Endorses Republican Candidate But Not For The Reason You Think)

“According to recent polls of Americans, 87 percent want to protect Social Security. Seventy percent support Medicare for all … 86 percent want to protect the ‘Dreamers.’ Seventy percent say immigration should be kept at current levels or increased. Sixty-eight percent favor stronger rules on the financial industry. Seventy-six percent support higher taxes on the wealthy,” Kimmel continued.

He also cited stats on gun control, climate change and political contributions, but included a disclaimer at the bottom of the screen stating the numbers were from multiple sources like CNBC, The Washington Post, Pew Research, Axios and Quinnipiac. It did not say when the polls were conducted or provide a margin of error.

“Seventy-eight percent support paid family medical leave. Sixty-six percent support stricter gun laws. Ninety-seven percent support universal background check. Fifty-nine percent say we need to do more to fight climate change. Sixty-eight percent say we can fight climate change and protect jobs. Sixty-two percent support tuition free college … 77 percent want limits on how much people and organizations can contribute to political campaigns. Take a look at that. That doesn’t look so divided to me,” Kimmel said.

“If that’s divided — that’s divided the way … I mean — you know how that’s divided? That’s divided the same way [President] Donald Trump divides up a bucket of chicken,” he concluded, adding:

“Four for me, one for you. Four for me, here’s a wing for you. This is what Americans believe. This is what we believe — you should vote for candidates who believe in those things too instead of just picking an r or a d.”

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