H.B. 3080, A Biometric Voting System to Stop Democrat Vote Fraud

By Steven Hotze, M. D.     

CEO, Conservative Republicans of Texas 

Democrats want to keep an election system that allows them to easily commit vote fraud. 

Rep. Tom Oliverson came up with a brilliant idea to dramatically decrease vote fraud. He has introduced HB 3080 which would adopt the use of a biometric voting system using fingerprints. This would enable every vote to be authenticated. 

On April 21, HB 3080 was passed favorably out of the House Elections Committee and sent to the Calendars Committee which needs to set it for a vote before the full Texas House. When it passes, then it will be sent to the Texas Senate. 

The adoption of a biometric voter registration system using fingerprints or handprints appears to be a very  effective way to authenticate every vote and prevent phony names from being used on voter certification applications, voter fraud on ballots by mail and voting in person multiple times. Everyone has a unique fingerprint or handprint. 

The Texas DPS has required fingerprints for driver licenses for the past 6 years. Everyone who has purchased a gun has been fingerprinted.

It seems that a biometric voting system using fingerprints or handprints is the easiest way to authenticate every vote. This solves the problem of ensuring that every voter registration is for a living, eligible citizen, that ballots by mail are legally cast and that a citizen only casts one vote. The technology is already available. 

Why would the Dems argue against using fingerprints or handprints to authenticate the identification of every voter? The only reason for the Democrats to oppose this is because it disrupts their vote fraud schemes.

The vast majority of Texans expect the Republican controlled Texas Legislature to provide real legislation ensuring Election Protection and Stopping Vote Fraud.

Although, HB 6 and SB 7 have added regulations and increased penalties in the Texas Election Code, enforcement provisions are lacking. Large metropolitan counties have Democrat district attorneys who will not prosecute vote fraud. 

Occam’s Razor is the simplest way to solve a problem. Establishing a biometric voting system using fingerprints or handprints is Occam’s Razor for dramatically reducing Democrat vote fraud. 

Additionally, computer election fraud must be addressed in any election protection legislation. Cybersecurity expert Russ Ramsland has demonstrated how the votes have been manipulated internally and externally by computers in Dallas County. Ramsland was also the cybersecurity expert that detected massive computer voter fraud in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pensylvania and Georgia after the 2020 Presidential Election.

Call your State Representative today and have him or her tell Rep. Dustin Burrows, Chairman of the Calendars Committee, to send HB 3080 to the House floor for a vote. Click on this link to find your state representative and state senator,