Gov. Abbott and Speaker Phelan Are Blocking SB 1646 That Prohibits Sex Change Hormones and Surgery in Children

By: Steve Hotze, M.D.

Gov. Abbott needs to make SB 1646 an Emergency Item immediately in order for this bill to be able to pass during this legislative session.
Gov. Abbott, Speaker Phelan and Republican legislators will be held accountable if they fail to prohibit sex change hormones and surgery on children this session.
SB 1646, by Sen. Perry,, would prevent the sexualization of children by their perverted parents and perverted doctors, who are pushing them into transgenderism. It bans sex change drugs and hormones, and sex mutilation surgery in children. The Texas House Public Health Committee needs to pass SB 1646 out of committee no later than this week for it to have a chance to pass during this session, which ends May 31st.
It is being blocked in committee because Gov. Abbott and Speaker Dade Phelan do not support this bill to protect children. They have caved into corporations and their lobbyists who oppose this bill and who support the perverted transgender movement. Of course these lobbyists help fund their campaigns. By refusing to protect children, Abbott and Phelan are guilty for allowing this wickedness to occur when they have the power to stop it.
Call both Abbott’s and Phelan’s offices today. Tell them to make SB 1646 an Emergency Item. Tell them that you want children protected from the sex change drugs and surgery being pushed by the perverted transgender movement.
Gov. Greg Abbott – (512) 463-2000
Speaker Dade Phelan – (512) 463-1000
Also Call the Republican members of the House Public Health Committee and tell them to protect children and pass
SB 1646.
Chairman Rep. Klick, Stephanie
District 91 – (512) 463-0599
Rep. Allison, Steve
District 121 – 512.463.0686
Rep. Jetton, Jacey
District 26 – 512.463.0710
Rep. Oliverson, Tom
District 130 – 512.463.0661
Rep. Price, Four
District 87 – 512.463.0470
Rep. Smith, Reggie
District 62 – 512.463.029
Another bill deals with combatting the perverted transgender movement. SB 29 would ban boys from competing as girls in interscholastic athletic competition, This bill is currently in the House Public Education Committee. SB 29 must pass out of this committee no later than this week uesday for it to pass during this session, which ends May 31st.
Call the Republican members of the House Public Health Committee and tell them to protect girls and pass
SB 29.
Public Education Committee Republican Members:
Rep. Lozano,
J. M.
District 43
Rep. Allison, Steve
District 121 – 512.463.0686
Rep. Bell, Keith
District 4 – (512) 463-0458
Rep. Buckley, Brad
District 54 – (512) 463-0684
Rep. Huberty, Dan
District 127 – 512.463.0520
Rep. King, Ken
District 88 – 512.463.0736
Rep. VanDeaver, Gary
District 1 – 512.463.0692
Also call
Speaker Dade Phelan – (512) 463-1000
Gov. Greg Abbott – (512) 463-2000
Both these bills have passed the Texas Senate, but are being neglected in the Texas House by the House Republican leadership, Speaker Dade Phelan, and Governor Abbott. These politicians are caving into corporations who are supporting and promoting the homoglobal and transgender sex movements. These politicians are beholden to these corporate interests who fund their campaigns and line their pockets.
Call these politicians’ offices and tell them or their staff that you expect them to pass these bills that protect children and girls. Start calling today and leave messages.
Forward this legislative update to fellow conservatives.
Thanking you for standing to protect children and girls, I remain, as always,
Sincerely yours,
Steve Hotze, M.D.
Conservative Republicans of Texas