Gary Polland: The Invasion “Caravan” Heading Toward America, Why Won’t The Democrats Support Securing Our Border?

by Gary Polland
Texas Conservative Review

We all have recently become aware of the 6-10,000 plus illegals coming through Central America into Mexico with the goal of illegal entry into the U.S.

This group can only be called one thing, an invasion force. We need to do whatever it takes to stop this invasion. None of those from Central America are eligible for refugee status as that only applies to the first country you pass through other than your own, so Mexico it is for the vast majority.

For these silly theories a spontaneous assembly of refugees are being transported, fed, and have portable bathroom facilities. This is an organized group being formed like an army and is moving like one. We don’t know what weapons they have and we don’t know who is funding it.

Consider these facts:
All of a sudden, thousands of Guatemalans/Hondurans decided to walk 1,500 miles! Get money for travel expenses, buy a backpack, have drinking water for 4,000 people every day for 2 months, arrange for food for 12,000 meals every day (that’s 720,000 meals for the trip), get directions for the best route to take, have extra clothes and sanitary items, have medical care available, prepare for rainy days, and get 4,000 sleeping bags! If they can cover 25 miles every day, it will take them 60 days to cover 1,500 miles. They would have us believe they decided to do this all of a sudden, all at once and they would arrive in the USA just in time for our election. What an amazing event, let this sink in.

As for peaceful and law abiding, this is not so, as they broke through the southern border of Mexico, injuring some Mexican police officers in the process.

Add to this, we have no idea who among them is a major threat to national security and recent public opinion surveys show the open border agenda is hugely unpopular with Texans.

So if you want to control our border and stop illegal entry into the U.S., your only choice is to vote Republican this year.


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