Feb 5th Newsletter: Stop Democrat Election Fraud Petition

February 5, 2021 Edition

Election Protection:
Stop Democrat Election Fraud Petition

I agree with Conservative Republicans of Texas that Election Protection should be the number one issue during the current Texas Legislative Session.

I call upon Governor Greg Abbott, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, Speaker Dade Phelan and the Republican State Representatives and State Senators to strengthen the Texas Election Code in order to ensure that Election Protection is the top priority during this session, in order to prevent the Communist Democrats from perpetrating massive election fraud in the upcoming elections.

Click on the following link to sign the petition:

Conservative Republicans of Texas recommends that the following key points be adopted in the Texas Election Code in order to prevent the Democrats’ election fraud schemes in Texas.

1. Eliminate computer voting machines.

2. Eliminate Early Voting.

3. Ballots by mail may only be issued on the basis of medical disability, military personnel or if the registered voter will be out of the county on election day.

4. Ballots by mail must be applied for by the individual registered voter.

5. Applications for ballot by mail may not be sent to voters by any organization.

6. Applications for ballot by mail may only be sent by the county clerk to the voter, if the voter requests the application.

7. Ballots by mail must be received by the election day.

8. If ballots by mail are not mailed, then they may be turned in on election day only at the county courthouse.

9. Each registered voter can only vote in their assigned neighborhood precinct on election day.

10. Each precinct receives punch ballots or paper ballots corresponding to the number of registered voters in that precinct.

11. At the end of election day, the ballots will be returned under lock and key to the county courthouse where they are tabulated. The total number of voted and unvoted ballots in a precinct must balance with the number of ballots issued in that precinct.

12. The number of voted ballots in each precinct must equal to the number of registered voters who voted in person, corresponding to the election day voter sign in sheet, plus those who voted using absentee ballots by mail.

13. Each sign in sheet must be checked to ensure that there are no forgeries, for those registered voters who voted in person.

14. Each precinct’s ballots will then be preserved separately for future recount or legal challenges.

15. Alternate Election Judges and Poll Watchers of the various political parties on the ballot will be given full access at the precinct election location to verify that the election process is lawfully conducted.

16. Drive thru voting is strictly prohibited.

17. The Sheriff’s department of each county must be on duty to respond in real time to reports of voter fraud or violations of the Texas Election Code.

18. Each county will report the county’s election results to the Secretary of State after a bipartisan committee in each county has agreed to the election results of that county.

19. The Secretary of State certifies and reports the results through a bipartisan process.

20. The County Tax Assessor Collector in each county will be required to purge the voter registration list of those individuals who have died or moved out of the county, on an annual basis.

21. Harvesting of ballots by mail will be a 2nd degree felony punishable by a $5000 fine and up to 5 years in prison.

22. All other violations of the Texas Election Code will be categorized as felonies.

23. Voter’s picture identification is required for every in person voter on election day.

Conservative Texas State Representative Briscoe Cain has been named Chairman of the House Elections Committee. Conservative Republicans of Texas commends Speaker Dade Phelan on making this crucial appointment. This indicates that Speaker Phelan intends to make Election Protection a major goal during this legislative session.


Please contact Representative Cain’s office and let him know you support Election Protection as the #1 priority. Call his office today at (512) 463-0733 to encourage him and let him know that you stand with him. The Democrats will oppose any Election Protection. Other Republicans on the committee are Reps. Travis Clardy, Jacey Jetton, Mike Schofield and Valoree Swanson.

Please forward this petition and newsletter to your fellow conservatives, and ask them to sign the petition. We must overwhelm the Texas Legislature with public demand to make Election Protection the #1 priority during this Legislative Session.

Committed to stopping the Democrats’ election fraud schemes, I remain, as always,

Sincerely yours,

Steven F. Hotze, M.D.

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