Video: Sologamy, Women Marrying Themselves, You Can’t Make This Stuff Up.


Sologamy, because what says “Im a strong, independent woman who don’t need no man” like marrying yourself? What’s better than riding solo and hating men? Oh, that’s right…..being NORMAL!

Feminists have kicked it up to a whole new playing field. They are now inviting their friends and family to their weddings…… in which they marry themselves. We can’t make this up.

Erika Anderson, a 37-year-old self-proclaimed “sologamist” said, “I would describe it as women saying yes to themselves,” she continued, “It means that we are enough, even if we are not partnered with someone else. You’re worth it!” The feminist married herself in New York City.

It sounds to me like the old maid and cat ladies have given up on any kind of love and decided to marry themselves in a desperate attempt to validate themselves.

“Anderson said she grew tired of people asking why she was still single. So, in front of family and friends she married herself,” notes WUSA9.

The trend has grown within the United States and has even gone international.

A site looking to make a few bucks on sad feminists called offers a kit to assist you in planning your own wedding ceremony, “self-wedding” rings and daily self-affirmation cards.

“A self-wedding is a symbolic ceremony–about reconnecting and staying connected with you. Wear the ring to remind you every day to LOVE YOURSELF,” says the site.

Promoting their daily affirmation cards, the site reads: “Did you know that micro-moments of positivity add up, creating an upward spiral? Positive mental states can also be enhanced by affirmations and even reshape us over time. A daily practice can help you focus on the good and give you resources when life is tough.”

You can literally order a higher-end “I Married Me Self-Wedding In-A-Box” kit for the whopping price of $230. That company should feel bad. Encouraging crazy liberals with a paid kit to marry themselves is like stealing candy from a baby.

There’s also a company in Canada called “Marry Yourself Vancouver,” which offers photography and consulting.

The self-married feminists also celebrate their wedding anniversaries, apparently. Anderson reportedly took a trip to Mexico by herself to celebrate her one-year anniversary, to herself.

“She said even though she’s married to herself, she’s dating and open to marrying another person,” notes WUSA9.

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