Straus Violates Texas House Rules Straus Should Be Removed from the Speaker Position

March 29, 2017

Steven Hotze, M.D.
Publisher, CRTX News

Jared Woodfill
Editor-in-Chief, CRTX News

Liberal Speaker Joe Straus’ dictatorial actions in the Texas House yesterday, Tuesday, March 28, should have been enough for the 95 Republican state representatives to introduce and pass a “motion to vacate the chair” and remove Straus from his position as Speaker. Straus openly violated the House rules in a despotic manner to prevent Republican representatives from having to vote on preventing perverted men and boys, who claim to be women, to use the public and school women’s and girls’ bathrooms, showers and locker rooms.

Straus should be removed from the Speaker’s position. Let me explain why.

Yesterday, Tuesday, March 28, the Railroad Commission Sunset Bill was brought before the Texas House of Representatives.  On Monday, Representative Matt Schaefer (HD 6) provided the Speaker with a copy of an amendment to the Railroad Commission Sunset Bill, one day in advance of the bill’s hearing, as required by House rules. Schaefer’s amendment, if passed, would have incorporated the provisions of Senate Bill 6 (SB 6), the “No Men in Women’s Bathrooms!” Bill, into the Railroad Commission Sunset Bill.  It would have made SB 6 applicable to all activities and facilities associated with the Railroad Commission.  These provisions were clearly germane to this sunset bill.

Anticipating that Straus would want to prevent his Republican representatives from having to cast a record vote on “No Men in Women’s Bathrooms,” and that he might rule the amendment not germane, signatures from 10 state representatives were collected on a letter, in advance, requesting a vote on the germaneness of Schaefer’s amendment, if needed.

Tuesday morning, before the Railroad Commission Sunset Bill had even been brought up, Straus’ henchmen were working the Republican State Representatives, telling them not to support Schaefer’s amendment if it were introduced.  Straus then sent one of his lieutenants to inform Schaefer that the Speaker would not recognize him to present his amendment.  In doing this, Straus violated the Texas House Rules.  Every state representative has a right to be recognized to make a motion to amend a bill. When a bill is amended, the Speaker or any representative can call a point of order on whether the amendment is germane to the main bill.  The Speaker would then ask the Parliamentarian his opinion on whether the amendment is germane.  If the amendment is germane, then the amendment is voted upon. If the Parliamentarian opines that it is not germane, then the Speaker may agree and rule that the amendment is not germane. This ruling by the Speaker can then be appealed to the House if 10 representatives* sign a letter requesting a vote on germaneness.  It takes a 2/3 vote and in the Texas House of Representatives, 100 votes out of 150 state representatives, to override the Speaker’s ruling.

Straus, though, would not even allow Rep. Schaefer the opportunity to offer his amendment when the Sunset Bill came up.  Rep. Schaefer requested a parliamentary inquiry and asked Straus why he was not being allowed to offer his amendment, which he had every right to do under the rules of the Texas House.

Straus said that he would not recognize Schaefer’s amendment to be introduced because Straus said that “The chair (Straus) determined that your amendment was not germane.” Then Rep. Jonathan Stickland came to the microphone and further questioned Straus, asking Straus if he could offer the letter with the 10 representatives’* signatures, as required by Texas House Rules, to challenge the decision of the chair.  Straus denied this request, saying that he (Straus) had not made an official ruling, because no amendment had been formally offered, therefore his predetermination, that the bill would not be germane, could not be challenged. How duplicitous!  By his actions, Straus violated long standing Texas House Rules by not allowing a member of the House to offer an amendment. It is like an umpire calling a strike before the pitch is thrown.

Yet, Straus, in deference to his base support of 55 Democrats, allowed the Democrat legislators to make over a dozen amendments to the Railroad Sunset Commission Bill.

If Straus had allowed Schaefer to offer his amendment, then Straus would have made a ruling that it was not germane, allowing Schaefer to force the House to vote on whether or not the provisions of SB 6 could be amended onto the Railroad Commission Sunset Bill. Straus wanted to protect his Republican members from having to vote on the issue of whether perverted men or boys, who claim to be women, should be prevented from using women’s or girls’ bathrooms, showers or locker rooms.

CRTX News polled 1800 Republican primary voters last weekend and found that 84% of them agreed that men and boys should not be allowed to enter women’s or girls’ public or school bathrooms, showers and locker rooms. This is a no brainer issue for Republican legislators.

The Republicans in the Texas Senate understood where their constituents stood on this issue and passed SB 6 by an overwhelming margin of 21-10. The Republican representatives in the Texas House are out of touch with their constituents.

I have personally contacted the Republican representatives by email, text or phone and only 30 of them have responded to me that they support SB 6, “No Men in Women’s Bathrooms!” Other organizations and members of the Texas House have had similar results. Only 30 Republican state representatives have had the courage to indicate their support of SB 6. This is just pitiful! These representatives tell their constituents one thing during the primary elections and then refuse to take a stand on moral issues during the legislative session. They are more interested in ingratiating themselves to Speaker Straus and his henchmen than representing their voters. We need to drain the swamp in Austin.

There was no outcry from Republican members when Straus violated the rules by refusing to recognize Rep. Schaefer for his amendment. It appears that many in the Republican majority are cowards who do not have the courage of their convictions to oppose a tyrannical ruler like Straus. When former Speaker Tom Craddick was accused by Straus and his supporters of practicing similar tactics at the end of the 2007 Legislative Session, Straus put together a block of 65 Democrats and 11 Republicans to replace Craddick as Speaker in the 2009 Legislative Session. Now Straus and his lieutenants are practicing the same tyrannical rule of which they condemned Speaker Craddick.

The Republicans control 95 of 150 seats in the Texas House, yet they let liberal Joe Straus rule as a dictator, flagrantly violating Texas House Rules. The Republican grassroots in Texas should be outraged that their state representatives have caved in to the tyrannical rule of liberal Joe Straus.

Senate Bill 6 (SB 6), The Women’s Privacy Act, the “No Men in Women’s Bathrooms!” Bill, is the most controversial bill of this legislative session. It is Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s top priority. SB 6 passed the Texas Senate on March 14, by an overwhelming margin of 21-10, with all 20 Republican state senators voting for it.

Straus and the Republican establishment want to kill it. They want Lt. Gov. Patrick’s agenda, which includes, “No Men in Women’s Bathrooms!”, school choice and property tax reform to fail. They want to mortally wound Dan Patrick, so that he can be defeated in the 2018 Republican Primary Elections.  Don’t be surprised if Joe Straus is their candidate against Lt. Gov. Patrick.

This legislative session is a war between the conservative grassroots of the Republican party, represented by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, and the Republican political and business establishment, and lobbyists, represented by Speaker Joe Straus.

Lt. Gov. Patrick wants to protect women’s privacy and children against the homosexual political movement’s pro-homosexual, “transgender” agenda. Their agenda would use the power of law to force you, churches, businesses, schools and government institutions to accept, affirm and celebrate those who promote and participate in aberrant, deviant and perverted sexual behavior. They are a special interest group that wants to receive minority status based upon their chosen deviant sexual lifestyle. A moral wrong can never be the basis for a civil right.  

Speaker Straus and his sycophant Republican state representative supporters have decided to “Pee with the LGBT,” rather than protect the privacy and safety of our mothers, wives, daughters and granddaughters.

Contact your State Representative today and ask him or her to tell Straus that the Texas House should be allowed to vote on SB 6, “No Men in Women’s Bathrooms.” You can obtain their phone numbers through the following link,

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to do nothing.

“He who justifies the wicked, and he who condemns the righteous, both of them alike are an abomination to the Lord.”  (Proverbs 17:15)

Let’s press this battle to its successful conclusion!

*The 10 Republicans who signed the letter requesting a vote on germaneness were Representatives Jonathan Stickland, Briscoe Cain, Tony Tinderholt, Mike Lang, Valoree Swanson, Matt Rinaldi, Bill Zedler, Kyle Biedermann, Matt Schaefer and Dennis Paul. These representatives put their names on the line and they should be commended and receive the highest accolades for demonstrating the courage of their convictions.

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