State Considers Action on Bathroom Bill

by Dale Forbis

Texas lawmakers are considering two bills on the use of public restrooms.  The one introduced in the house this week would stop local governments from setting bathroom use policies for private businesses and would ban policies in public schools allowing more than one gender to use the same facility.

The head of the group Conservative Republicans of Texas is optimistic the bill will be passed.

“We know that the governor and the lieutenant governor and many members of the House are supportive,” its president, Jared Woodfill says.  “They all stood with us when we were fighting the Houston ordinance.”

Opponents warn this could keep major events from coming to Texas.  Woodfill says that hasn’t happened.

“The reality is, we didn’t lose the Super Bowl, we didn’t lose the Final Four,” he points out, adding, “Convention business has actually grown.”

Woodfill thinks there’s a good chance the house and senate bills will pass.  There is some question about the support of House Speaker Joe Straus.

“It’s important that Texas take a bold, strong, principled stand here and send a message to the rest of the country,” he says, “that men shouldn’t be in women’s showers, bathrooms or locker rooms.”

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