Socialist Democrats are Undermining America

April 21, 2017
Steven Hotze, M.D.

Socialists work to centralize all power in society in the federal government, thinking that they can create a prosperous, secular, utopian society. They believe that the citizens should rely on the federal government to provide them with womb to tomb security. The federal government therefore becomes the sovereign force in society. This contradicts the Biblical world view that exalts Almighty God as the Sovereign ruler of all creation. As Christians we are commanded to submit to Him and His standards as revealed in the Bible.

Socialists continually work to destroy the political philosophy of our Founding Fathers which was based upon a Biblical world view. This Biblical view opposes the centralization of power in the civil government. It espouses different levels of government starting with self-government, then family government, church government and work and school institutional governments. The least important and last area of government is civil government.

A society built on this order provides the greatest degree of liberty for its citizens because power is decentralized. It promotes personal accountability and responsibility. It rewards hard work and penalizes slothfulness.  This is what a Biblical world view means.

 “Poor is he who works with a negligent hand, but the hand of the diligent makes rich.” – Prov. 10:4

Socialists are determined to regulate and direct the economy, to raise taxes, to strengthen the powers of the federal government and to substitute government entitlement programs for personal accountability and family responsibility.

This socialistic philosophy has been rejected by Russia and is bankrupting Europe, yet, it continues to be embraced and advanced by the socialist democrats.  Look what happened to Cuba and what is happening in Venezuela.

Socialists offer security for all people at the cost of personal liberty.   The person who is willing to sacrifice liberty for security will experience neither.

Look at the results of socialistic policies: the breakdown of families, 67% of black children are born out of wedlock, 50% of inner city children are high school dropouts, illegal and legal drug use is rampant, abortion and homosexual conduct are promoted as Constitutional rights, entitlement programs are growing exponentially and the federal government is nearly $20 trillion in debt plus there are nearly $40 trillion in unfounded mandates. The once mighty USA is headed off a cliff with the pedal to the floor board.

The problem with socialism is that the producers have to pay for the non-producers who are leeches, draining the vitality of the industrious. When the producers run out of money or become discouraged that their hard-earned income is being stolen by socialists to buy the votes of the rabble, and are no longer willing to risk their time and capital, then the socialist system collapses.

Some would argue that socialism is the only system that provides a safety net for all members in society.

Historically, it has been the Christian churches and charitable organizations that built the hospitals and provided social services to the needy. These services were financed through the tithe and the churches were a moral force for good in society. The Gospel message was presented to the downtrodden, giving them hope that they could make a change in their lives and conditions.

Socialist politicians invaded this area of social services as a power grab. Civil government raised taxes to finance this work.

Socialism destroys the personal responsibility and accountability of those who receive welfare and entitlements. Socialist politicians don’t care as long as they can purchase the votes of the welfare recipients and be reelected to office.

Give tax credits, rather than deductions, for charitable contributions and you will see a transfer of power from the state back to the churches and charitable organizations. This should be the aim of our social policy.

It seems that America needs desperately to return to the fundamentals of our nation’s Christian heritage as espoused by our Founding Fathers. Maybe there will be another Great Christian Awakening like that which preceded and laid the foundation for the first American Revolution.

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