Marxist Progressives Are Mentally Deranged Because They Are in Rebellion to God. When You Reject the Truth You Go Stark Raving Mad

Talk radio personality Dr. Michael Savage has often referred to today’s liberalism as an illness. And let’s clarify something, I’m a classical liberal in the true definition based on the writings of English political philosopher, John Locke.

Locke defined classical liberalism as that which promotes and advances the individual as sovereign, and their liberty. It was Locke who introduced the ideal of natural rights, advancing the revolutionary concept that the individual possessed unalienable rights granted naturally from their Creator of life, liberty, and property. This theory was the antithesis of the preeminent thought of the day, divine rights theory. That meant the individual lived in permissive subjugation to royalty who had been granted divine authority to grant, or take away freedoms.

And it was our very own Thomas Jefferson who, when tasked to develop a document of separation of our thirteen colonies from England, enshrined Locke’s natural rights theory in those seminal words of “we hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal and that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, of these being life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Yesterday, as I was driving down I-45 from Dallas to Rosenberg, Texas for the Navy SEAL Foundation Danny Deitz Memorial, I listened to the news. And what I heard makes me believe Dr. Michael Savage is onto something. Now, any one of the very disturbing stories I heard is enough to make one scratch their head about liberal progressives, who dismiss the rights of the individual over collectivism and group think submission. But, taken together as a whole, these three stories seem to confirm that liberal progressivism is a mental condition. It’s not rooted in logic, reason, truth, or any semblance of common sense. It is simply and utterly ignorant, deceitful, and emotional rambling.

Let’s start with the commencement address given by one former alumni, Hillary Clinton to her alma mater, Wellesley College. To hear Mrs. Clinton, former first lady, former U.S. Senator, two-time presidential candidate and first female presidential nominee speak, you would have thought she’s a saint. Her speech had little or nothing in reality to do with the graduates sitting before her. It was just another deceptive emotional whine coming from one of the most corrupt political figures we’ve known in modern times. Mrs. Clinton’s rant against current President Donald Trump was one for the ages, as she denigrated and demeaned Mr. Trump as if she was as politically pure as the driven snow. I find it unconscionable that Mrs. Clinton, and the mindless lemmings masquerading as graduates cheering and clapping, saw no hypocrisy from one who had dealings with Russia by way of uranium sales that directly provided benefit to her foundation. As well, how did that Russian reset button work out ma’am?

Integrity? What about lying as to the nature of an Islamic terror attack in Benghazi, and the Americans she was complicit in abandoning. Or the possession of a private email server that illegally transmitted classified documents…and the obstruction of justice as she had her flying monkeys destroy evidence, computers and other sensitive materials.

Then there’s Facebook founder, creator, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, speaking at the school from whence he dropped out, Harvard. Ol’ Mark comes up with this idea of universal basic income, yep, Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot? Apparently Marky believes the government should just give money out so folks can find themselves? Here’s a fella who, along with other crony capitalist progressive socialists, wants a policy of wealth redistribution as some insidious “participation trophy.” Did he forget the long, hard hours he put in to build a successful company and earn millions and millions of dollars?

These liberal progressives, such as Zuckerberg, believe we don’t have the ability to pursue our happiness, to take risks, and sometimes fail, but to recover. They have somehow embraced the failed philosophy that government can “guarantee happiness.” So, who sets the level of what a universal basic income is? And ya just gotta love how these chuckleheads make things so, so lovely — but then again, didn’t Hugo Chavez promise the same in Venezuela?

And lastly, there is the faux liberal progressive outrage — are these folks ever happy about anything — over HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson’s latest statement. Dr. Carson made the horrible mistake of saying something truthful about the liberal progressives love child…the welfare nanny-state. Carson said “poverty is a state of mind” – in other words, there are those whom regardless of how much you give them — universal basic income — they will never rise out of their state. Yet, there are those who may possess very little, but with their indomitable drive, determination, and desire will rise to heights unimaginable…you know, “pursue their happiness.” And boy howdy, did that set off the left, especially white liberal progressives like Representatives Nita Lowery and Adam Schiff. And I must ask, what inner city community did they grow up in?

The left wants and survives only by having a subjugated dependency class, hence why they’ve created an economic plantation of enslavement in our inner cities. The crop to harvest today is electoral patronage, and nothing angers white liberal progressives more than any minority that escapes their plantation and embraces true classical liberalism, the philosophy of economic empowerment and advocating for victors, not victims.

Now, just for further evidence of Dr. Savage’s assertion, I could throw in the recent video from Planned Parenthood showing executives joking about decapitated babies. Now, we all know, if this was about puppies, cats, or baby seals, there would be unfathomable outrage from the liberal progressive left…but human babies, eh, move along, nothing to see here. As a matter of fact, that’s what the left refers to as a right, but which violates Locke’s first unalienable individual right to life.

So, yep, that’s it, I must concur, liberal progressivism, which is the anathema of classical liberalism, is a mental condition. Of the three classifications of stupid, stuck on stupid, and a special kind of stupid, it clearly qualifies as the last. To believe in something that is steeped in historical failure yet consider it a viable political philosophy is what Albert Einstein would certainly declare: insanity.

But, Winston Churchill best described liberal progressive socialism: “… a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

In plain Southern vernacular…socialism sucks! And those who believe in it are FUBAR.


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