What Did We Learn from the Hyped Up Hearing? Trump Was Right to Fire Comey

June 9, 2017
Jared Woodfill
President, Conservative Republicans of Texas

The never-ending controversy surrounding former FBI Director James Comey took another uneventful twist.  What Democrats thought would reveal a smoking gun, ended up being nothing more than a squirt gun with a whole lot of leaks.  Comey clearly identified two standards of justice:  One for President Trump and another for Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Hillary Clinton.  It is clear that the motive behind this hearing was for Comey to get revenge on President Trump for his termination.  So, what did we learn from Comey’s hyped-up hearing?

President Trump is Not the Subject of An Investigation

Again, Director Comey confirmed that President Trump was not the subject of an FBI investigation.  However, despite the number of times he says it, Democrats continue to ignore it because it doesn’t fit into the political narrative they are trying to deceive the American people into believing.

Comey is the Leaker

Comey admitted for the first time that in response to President Trump’s tweets, he asked a professor friend at Columbia Law School to deliver his personal notes to a friendly media source. Like most leakers, they ask a surrogate to provide the information in an attempt to distance themselves from being identified as the source.  It is shocking that the former director of the FBI would engage in conduct that in some cases has been prosecuted by the FBI and the Justice Department.  What Director Comey conspicuously failed to leak was that President Trump was not under investigation by the FBI.

Comey Was Not Offended by Trump’s Remarks

If Mr. Comey was so offended by the conversation he had with President Trump, or if he thought he was trying to obstruct justice, why didn’t he stand up and tell the president that this is wrong and leave.  Instead, he stayed, didn’t report a thing, and hoped he would keep his job.

Comey Applied a Double Standard

Director Comey admitted that he didn’t take notes following conversations with former Presidents Barack Obama or George W. Bush. He pre-judged President Trump, thinking he might “lie about the nature” of their meetings and, therefore, chose to take notes to confirm his version of the facts.

Comey Failed to Report to Anyone That He Thought Trump’s Comments Were Inappropriate

Numerous times Comey stated that he did not alert anyone at the White House or Attorney General’s office to the fact that he was concerned about the president’s conversations with him. He claims he was too “stunned” to think to do so.

Will Comey Release His Notes?

Comey testified that he had turned over his memos/notes about his conversations with the president to Robert Mueller and did not save a copy.  He further stated that he wrote the notes in such a manner that they could not be classified.  The question must be asked:  When writing the memo, why was he even thinking about releasing them publicly?  Why did he intentionally work to make sure they would not be classified and limited to the appropriate investigative body?  It appears he was most concerned about his public reputation.  Knowing that he may be fired, it appears he was laying the ground work to rebut his termination and cover his actions.  This is shocking conduct to find in the head of the FBI.  It reminds one of the J Edgar Hoover days where the director was looking out first and foremost for himself.

Interestingly, Director Comey admitted that his Columbia friend whom he had leak his memos to the press, likely has a copy of his memo.  Since the committee questioning Comey did not have the same memos, Senator Lankford stated, “So the question is, could you ask them to hand that copy right back to you so you can hand them over to this committee?”

“Potentially,” Comey replied.

“I would like to move that from potential to see if we can ask that question so we can have a copy of those. Obviously, those notes are exceptionally important to us,” Lankford said.

Former Obama Attorney General Lynch Works with Bill Clinton to Influence Comey’s Hillary Clinton Investigation

When President Bill Clinton met with Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch on an Arizona tarmac, Comey decided to make a statement regarding the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server.  Comey revealed for the first time that General Lynch asked him to call his probe of Hillary Clinton’s bathroom email server a “matter” and not an “investigation.” Wow!  Numerous questions should have followed this attempt to influence the Director.  Why didn’t Comey report this at the time?  Why isn’t this being investigated by a Special Counsel? Why is the media not in an uproar?  Why didn’t Comey write a memo about this conversation?  Why aren’t Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton being investigated?  This was the smoking gun from the hearing.

Comey Blames Russia Investigation for His Termination

Comey stated, “I take the president at his word that I was fired because of the Russia investigation.”

Comey Doesn’t Believe There Was Obstruction

Comey admitted he has no evidence President Trump obstructed justice. He further concluded President Trump wanted him to finish the Russian investigation, not end it.

Trump Made the Right Choice

One thing that became abundantly clear after the hearing was that President Trump made the right decision in firing Director Comey.

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