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by Gary Polland
Texas Conservative Review

Observations Upon Return From Africa

After returning from a number of weeks in Europe and Africa, your editor has some observations.

First, America is very important to the stability of the world but in Africa, what is happening in the United States is not of overall concern unless it affects their country. In Europe, there is more interest but not as much as you would expect.

Second, being born and growing up in the USA is a blessing. For example, in Tanzania, the average pay is $1 to $2 a day and unemployment is at 10.15% and overall the country is quite primitive compared to the USA.

Third, upon return, the unfair attacks by the mainstream media and the Democrats continue unabated on the Trump administration. The problem is that the President is easily distractible and he needs to focus on his policy agenda.

No Voter Fraud? Wrong, Check Out Dallas County

According to WFAA TV – a person named “Jose Rodriguez” (and it should be an Anglo name) signed perhaps hundreds of mail-in ballots. Yes, dear reader, voter fraud is occurring.

Comey Fired, Good Riddance

The firing was entirely justified, though admittedly not handled cleanly.

And the Democrats are going bananas, but just a few months ago were all in to fire Comey. Let’s look at the quotes:

“Maybe he’s not in the right job. I think that we have to just get through this election and just see what the casualties are along the way.” Nancy Pelosi, House Minority leader.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager (Robbie Mock) had also hinted that Comey might have to step down because of his bias against Hillary.

After Comey’s letter, Senator Schumer, Minority Leader said, “I do not have confidence in him any longer.”

Former Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid had called on Comey to resign. Congressman Steve Cohen (D) even wrote an op-ed titled, “For the Sake of the FBI, Comey Should Resign.”

Hypocrisy, your name is Democrats.

Free Speech Under Assault At Universities And Soon To America?

In the last few weeks the First Amendment rights are being obstructed by out-of-control students. First, United States Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos was treated to the back side of many students at Bethune-Cookman University during her speech, Senator John Cornyn was disinvited for TSU’s graduation due to student protests and this is just the tip of the iceberg. This is why we at TCR are concerned about the future of free speech in America.

Typically, what occurs in the USA, happens at our universities and then spreads to society when leadership in society switches.

So that’s why we should be worried. Daniel Greenfield (columnist) recently wrote about these problems:

“There is a place in America where civil rights don’t exist. The First Amendment doesn’t apply. Neither does the Sixth Amendment. (Never mind the Second.) Not only Freedom of Speech, but Freedom of Association (NAACP v. Alabama) is under fire.”

“The average college campus with its speech codes, thought policing, violent protests and kangaroo courts has no resemblance to anything else in the United States of America. Colleges are totalitarian states. And they are the blueprints of the left’s plan for the entire country.

“Colleges have always been the training ground for the leaders of tomorrow. The blueprints for a new society begin there. If you wanted to know what leftist ideas would be going mainstream in a decade, you went to a fashionable college. The leftist idea that is going mainstream is a totalitarian state. Micro-aggressions, safe spaces, tone-policing, identity caste systems, no platforming and the end of truth aren’t just some silly campus nonsense. They are the blueprint for the future of the United States.

“Today’s campus is unsafe for America. Taxpayers have invested enormous amount of money into funding an educational system that rejects everything that makes our society work. If that does not change, then our society will be destroyed by the consequences.”

Chairman Paul Simpson: More Broken Promises

The most unsuccessful Republican chair in Harris County GOP history is at it again.

Remember when Paul Simpson ran for chairman in 2014? He promised to not fund the party’s day-to-day expenses on the backs of elected officials and candidates.

Well, forget that promise. On May 18, 2017, the party finance chairman in an email to our elected officials and judges requests them to pay “their full pro-rated share of $6,825.00 in 2017.” They even offered them installment plans for their “assessment” of our officials.

And the money will be spent to build on the failure of 2016. So we are renting more regional headquarters, despite there being no proven reason as to why. They want to spend more money on their data system that in 2016 wholly failed to detect the loss coming for the GOP.

They want “to expand participation and engagement to non-traditional Republican voters,” but in 2016 not many regular voters knew our ticket did have outstanding African Americans and Hispanics, because the HCRP never bothered to publicize that fact.

As one of our judges commented to us recently, “Simpson wants the judges to pay 100% of the Party’s overhead. There is no indication in this finance plan that any of the money will be spent on advertising, social media, voter identification, or even GOTV. One would think there would be money for a meeting to collect ballot application signatures but that is not evident in the plan either.”

For 2018 to be different than 2016, new vigorous, energetic leadership is needed.


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