CRTX News’ Press Release Supporting Trump’s Decision to Ban Transgenders from the Military

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Conservative Republicans of Texas Applauds President Trump’s Decision to Ban “Transgenders” from the Military

Houston – Yesterday was a great day for those who are fighting to restore our nation to its Godly heritage as President Trump issued his ban on so-called “transgenders” in the military.  This reversed President Obama’s failed attempt at social engineering.

Maj. Gen. Patrick Henry Brady, a retired Medal of Honor recipient, in an interview with World Net Daily said, “Transgenders in the military did nothing to enhance readiness; in fact, they were a readiness deterrent, and we should not make policies with the military unless it in some way enhances our readiness.”

C.E.O. of Conservative Republicans of Texas, Dr. Steven Hotze, said, “The truth matters and I am proud of President Trump for recognizing the truth. The truth is that every person’s sex, gender, is determined at conception and cannot be changed.  It is hardwired in the DNA of every one of the trillions of cells in your body. This is a biological, medical and genetic fact.  “Transgender” is a made-up term for those who wish to prevent God’s natural law.  You cannot change your sex, your gender.”

President of Conservative Republicans of Texas, Jared Woodfill, said, “I applaud President Trump’s decision to say “No!” to the alt-left homosexual political movement and stand up for Godly values. The so-called “Transgender” issue is an arm of the homosexual political movement and their radical agenda has been defeated…again.”

Hoorah for President Trump! Yesterday was a great day for common-sense Americans!


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