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Attend Your Precinct Convention on March 6 at 7 PM

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Dear Fellow Conservative Republicans,

You may not be aware that you can vote twice in the Republican Party Primary. You have either already voted early or will be voting Tuesday, March 6. This is your first vote. You can also vote again at your Precinct Convention which will be held on Tuesday, March 6, at 7 PM at your neighborhood precinct voting location at the end of voting.

Joe Straus, Speaker of the Texas House, is a RINO, a Republicans in Name Only. Straus lieutenants in the Texas House and in the Republican Party of Texas (RPT), are determined to remove the pro-life, pro-Biblical marriage, pro-religious liberty, pro-school choice, opposition to the homosexual political agenda, opposition to sanctuary cities and other social conservative planks from the Republican Party of Texas party platform at the State Convention this May.

You can prevent this by attending your precinct convention at your voting location on Tuesday night, March 6, 2016 at 7 PM, at your neighborhood precinct voting location.

We must stand for a biblically based Christian World View in civil government and keep the Republican Party of Texas conservative!

The Precinct Convention is not well-known, but is like a town hall meeting made up Republicans who have voted in the Republican Primary and live in your precinct.

Anyone who votes in the Republican primary election, either in early voting, voting by mail, or at the polls on election day, is eligible to attend his or her precinct convention. Your precinct convention will take place at your precinct’s election day polling place after the polls close at 7:00 p.m. The time and place of your precinct convention must be posted at each poll during primary election day. Expect anywhere from 1 to 50 participants to attend.

The precinct convention is called to order by the Precinct Chairman or a person acting in his stead. This person is the Temporary Precinct Convention Chairman. A Permanent Precinct Convention Chairman and Secretary are then elected by majority vote. The Convention Chairman may appoint a Sergeant-at-Arms and/or a Parliamentarian.

There are only two items of business for the precinct convention:

  1. The election of delegates and alternates to county or senatorial district conventions which will be held on Saturday, March 19th, and
  2. The approval of resolutions to be sent to these conventions. These resolutions then work their way through senatorial district conventions to the Republican State Convention where, if adopted, they become part of the State Republican Party Platform. Be sure to print out the recommended resolutions below and get them passed by your precinct convention.

At the precinct convention, attendees decide by majority vote who gets to be delegates and alternates to the county/senatorial district convention which are scheduled for Saturday, March 19. Often, everyone who attends becomes a delegate to the next level. However, if a large number attend, decisions will need to be made as to who will be a delegate and who will be an alternate.

The only requirement to be elected as a delegate or alternate to the county/senatorial district convention is to have voted in the 2016 Republican primary election. It is not required to attend the precinct convention in order to be elected to the next higher level. Longtime Republicans often perform tasks for the party or candidates during Election Day, which prevents them from being able to attend. However, for those who are new to the party, attending the precinct convention will definitely increase the likelihood of being one of those elected.

After the election of delegates to the county or senatorial convention, it is time to vote on the resolutions. Please be sure to print out in triplicate and pass the conservative resolutions which follow below. Be sure to take family, friends and neighbors who are conservative Republicans to the precinct convention with you.

We must keep the Republican Party conservative by defeating the Straus RINOs in our party and then by defeating socialist Democrats’ in the General Election in November.

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to do nothing.

“Through God we shall do valiantly, and it is He who will tread down our adversaries.” (Psalm 108:13)

Confident of victory, I remain, as always,

Sincerely yours for Constitutional liberty and the Biblical principles upon which they are based,

Steven F. Hotze, M.D.





Steven F. Hotze, M.D.
Conservative Republicans of Texas
Conservative Republicans of Harris County


Conservative Republicans of Texas

Resolutions for 2018 Republican Precinct Conventions 

Table of Contents for Resolutions

  1. Pro-Life
  2. Family and Marriage
  3.   No Men In Women’s Bathrooms, Showers Or Locker Rooms
  4.  Denying “Transgender” Philosophy
  5.  Opposing Gun Control
  6.  Resolution on Securing The Border
  7. Repeal of the Business Tax
  8. Sovereignty of the Church
  9. Legitimate Function of Civil Government
  10. Non State Schools
  11. Opposing a State Income Tax
  12. Supporting Free Enterprise Solutions for Medical Care
  13. Right-to-Work
  14. Victim’s Rights
  15. Prohibiting “Sex Change” Hormone Use On Children
  16. Capital Punishment
  17. National Sovereignty
  18. Transforming the Texas Medical Board


  1. Resolution on Pro-Life

WHEREAS, God is the author of life and that human life originates at conception; now therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED by the Republican Party in Precinct #_______ that abortion must be opposed because it destroys human life; that a Human Life Amendment to the U.S. Constitution must be adopted by the U.S. Congress to protect innocent human life from the point of conception until the time of natural death; and that we call upon our State Legislature to restrict abortions to the limits allowed by the U.S. Supreme Court’s.

  1. Resolution on the Family and Marriage

WHEREAS, the family is a God-ordained institution, and is the foundational unit of society.  The family is primarily responsible for the welfare, education, and property of its members.  The family is defined as those related by blood, marriage or adoption, and

WHEREAS, marriage is a union between one man and one woman, and

BE IT RESOLVED by the Republican Party of Precinct # ______ that all attempts to weaken or undermine the family must be opposed, and

  1. Resolution on No Men in Women’s restrooms, showers, or locker rooms

WHEREAS, certain men, who claim to be women, want to put our mothers, wives and daughters at risk by using their bathrooms, showers and locker rooms; now therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED by the Republican Party in Precinct #_______ that no men should be allowed in women’s restrooms, showers or locker rooms; and that we call upon our State Legislature to ensure that men and women use the restroom according to their sex on their birth certificate.

  1.  Resolution on Denying the Validity of the Transgender Philosophy

WHEREAS, God is the author of life and assigns all people genders at birth; now therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED by the Republican Party in Precinct #_______  recognizes that the transgender philosophy is not real, and is in fact a ploy by the LGBTQ community to legitimize their misguided choices.

  1.  Resolution Opposing Gun Control

WHEREAS, the right to keep and bear arms is protected by the US Constitution,

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Republican Party of Precinct #______ reaffirms the right of individual United States citizens to keep and bear arms, as guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution, and opposes any and all legislation which would restrict that right.


  1.     Resolution On Secure Borders

Whereas, the US is a sovereign nation with borders; therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED the the Republican Party of Precinct # _____ calls upon the US Congress to secure our borders and enforce existing laws on immigration.

  1. Resolution on the Repeal of the Business Tax

WHEREAS, Texas has been a strong free enterprise state, and

WHEREAS, taxes on business discourage new business creation in the state; therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED that the Republican Party of Precinct # ____ calls upon the Texas Legislature to repeal the Business Tax. 

  1. Resolution on the Sovereignty of the Church

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Republican Party in Precinct #_______ acknowledges that the Church is a God-ordained institution with a sphere of authority separate from that of civil government and thus the Church is not to be regulated, controlled or taxed by any level of civil government.

  1.  Resolution on the Legitimate Function of Civil Government

WHEREAS, God is Sovereign over all the world and has divinely instituted civil government among men, for His own glory and for the public good, and that for the administration of this institution He has ordained civil rulers to exercise their authority under Him in obedience to His laws in order to promote justice, restrain wickedness, punish evildoers, and protect the life, liberty, and private property of the citizens, and provide for the domestic and national defense;

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Republican Party in Precinct #_______supports this historic concept, established by our nation’s Founding Fathers, of limited civil government jurisdiction under the laws of God and repudiates the socialist doctrine that the state is sovereign over the affairs of the citizens, and over the family and over the Church.

  1.  Resolution on Non State Schools

WHEREAS, education is the primary responsibility of parents, and that parents, not the state, are the stewards of the children; now therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Republican Party in Precinct #____ opposes all attempts by the state or local government to interfere with parental rights in education; and that we further support maintaining the present status of private, parochial, and home schools free from state government control. 

  1.  Resolution Opposing a State Income Tax

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Republican Party in Precinct #______ opposes a state income tax and the imposition of any new kinds of taxes or additional tax increases on the State or local levels.

  1. Resolution Supporting Free Enterprise Solutions for Medical Care

WHEREAS, free enterprise capitalism is the voluntary exchange of goods and services for money between two individuals and encourages businesses to compete for consumer dollars, and

BE IT RESOLVED that the Republican Party of Precinct # _____ calls upon Congress to repeal ObamaCare and further calls upon the U.S. Congress to pass legislation which would encourage businesses to promote and participate in Health Saving Accounts for their employees, allowing the free enterprise system to operate effectively.

  1. Resolution on the Right-to-Work

WHEREAS, any individual should have the freedom to work in the job he desires without being forced to join or pay dues to any organization; and

WHEREAS, the Texas Right-To-Work Law has provided a good economic climate for stable management-labor relationships; now therefore

BE IT RESOLVED that the Republican Party in Precinct #_______ that the State of Texas maintain its Right-To-Work Law.

  1. Resolution on Victim’s Rights

WHEREAS, the federal and state judiciary have exhibited an inordinate concern for the rights of criminals as opposed to the rights of those who have been the victims of criminals and their crimes; and

WHEREAS, this has led to a disrespect for law which threatens to undermine the very foundations of our society; now therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED by the Republican Party in Precinct #_______ that restitution should be instituted so that the victims of crime are compensated by those who perpetrate crimes against them for injuries and losses to their person and private property.

  1. Resolution on Preventing the Use of Hormones on Children  

WHEREAS, God is the author of life and He has assigned humans genders (male or female) at birth and can not be altered by any doctors; now therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED by the Republican Party in Precinct #_______ that doctors should not be allowed to give children hormones in an attempt to alter their gender before the age of 18 and we call upon our State Legislature to restrict the use of hormones in children in an attempt to change their gender.

  1. Resolution on Capital Punishment

BE IT RESOLVED by the Republican Party in Precinct # ______ that capital punishment should be meted out to those whose crimes are capital in nature.

  1. Resolution on National Sovereignty

BE IT RESOLVED that Republican Party of Precinct # ______ calls upon the United States Congress to reaffirm our national sovereignty and oppose the formation of the North American Community.

  1. Resolution on Transforming the Texas Medical Board

WHEREAS, the Texas Medical Board (TMB) was originally established to protect citizens from physicians who engaged in disreputable conduct or whose treatments were overwhelmingly harmful,


THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Republican Party in Precinct#_____ that Texas State Legislature transform the Texas Medical Board (TMB) by adopting the provisions in the Texas Medical Practice Act which would

1) Protect the patients’ rights to choose natural solutions to their health problems and the physicians’ rights to provide natural solutions for health problems.

2) Eliminate confidential complaints against physicians.

3) Eliminate anonymous medical witnesses against physicians.

4) Mandate legal due process in all TMB proceedings.

5) Allow the doctor the right to choose to have a complaint against him tried in a state district court rather than in an administrative law court.

6) Forbid TMB members from working for insurance, pharmaceutical companies or hospitals while serving on the board in order to prevent conflict of interest.

7) Prohibit intimidation tactics by TMB lawyers against physicians.

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